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Sacred Rituals and Intentions

Life as Ritual. Ritual as Life. This is how you learn to go with the flow, and do so with a clear mind, open heart, and the grace that some days can be difficult to muster.

The Beauty & Complexity of Family

As we continue to explore a new reality, full of infinite possibility and constant change, it’s important to look back—way back—to your ancestors and lineage.

True Nature: Sacred Tools & Self-Awareness

It’s near impossible to experience Spring and not acknowledge nature’s profound beauty and wonder. Every season has its reason and finer points, yet Spring feels like a black and white movie has suddenly turned technicolor.

Transitions: Navigating the In-Between

Spring is a time of transition. After a year of making so many transitions and experiencing a whole lot of “in-betweens,” we welcome this transition because Spring brings so much hope and possibility. Feel your own renewal to keep living your goals, dreams, hopes, and possibilities. Go forth and bloom!

Love and the Beauty of the Unseen

Our external and internal lives have been given many lessons the past year, and although it seems the world has stopped—the exact opposite is true.

It’s in the Cards

The world is constantly changing. Tarot takes you out of the confusion and uncertainty of the world and clarifies your unique place and purpose in it.

Who’s the Boss?

You are the Boss Lady of You. You are the sole proprietor of your most precious resource: your energy and attention. You are that powerful!

Defining Yourself and the Art of Giving

Part of defining your best self is finding a way to rise above the uncomfortable moments, less-than-pleasant-emotions, and temporary realities. Giving is where that begins.