Personal Consultations

Everyone has moments that bring greater intensity or deeper questioning. When you’ve turned to your regular sources of support and still end up feeling unsure how to move forward, where else do you seek a space of psychological safety, deep personal insights, soul guidance, and connection with your spiritual essence?

Brenda has guided tens of thousands of people through challenges, transitions, loss, and grief. She’s also lived these lessons herself.

Private Reading
(60 minutes)

Your personal reading includes mediumship, supported by astrology, numerology, tarot. A reading helps you answer important questions to design and reconnect to a life of greater purpose and clarity.

Investment: $700

(Many clients choose to include a three or six-month private coaching plan to ensure the intentions of your reading are supported and on track. Coaching fees are additional).

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Group Readings
(60 minutes)

Sometimes you just need a “lightning round” of guidance... and because we always learn from other people's stories and lessons, Brenda offers group sessions where four people will dial-in to a line, each person will get 15 minutes for a tarot reading and will be able to ask one to two questions. You can sign up to be added to a group call, or you can bring your own four people to a private call.

Investment: $200 per person

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There are moments or even phases in your life where there's an urgency to put your guidance into action. Intensives are designed to deliver personalized clarity and support during times of high demand, chaos, and change that can trigger self-doubt, fear, or even paralysis. Intensives serve those who are in transition by choice or by circumstance, including but not limited to corporate leaders, community servants, and people experiencing personal transformation.

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