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March Love Note: Transitions

Spring is a time of transition. After a year of making so many transitions and experiencing a whole lot of “in-betweens,” we welcome this transition because Spring brings so much hope and possibility. Feel your own renewal to keep living your goals, dreams, hopes, and possibilities. Go forth and bloom!

It’s in the Cards

The world is constantly changing. Tarot takes you out of the confusion and uncertainty of the world and clarifies your unique place and purpose in it.

January Love Note: Who’s the Boss?

You are the Boss Lady of You. You are the sole proprietor of your most precious resource: your energy and attention. You are that powerful!

Taking Inventory: Integration and Investment

When you are uncertain about what the future holds, it’s natural to slip into a space of reflection. Taking a Life Inventory of the blessings and the regrets of your life is a beautiful way to see patterns, wrap-up lessons, and learn more about yourself and your place in the world.