Meet Brenda Rose

Hello and thank you for being here. I want to thank you for bringing your full heart to your spiritual journey. That’s so critically valuable to the planet right now. We really never know our total impact on the world…but I know when you’ve committed to exploring your spiritual calling, you’re choosing a powerful legacy of positivity. Thank you!

If you have been drawn to this website then you may already know that I am a psychic medium, intuitive healer, and coach whose gift is helping others navigate their life with greater insight and more ease. I am passionate about sharing all the sacred pathways of empowerment such as the tarot, Enneagram, numerology, astrology, crystals, Reiki, mediumship, and essential oils.

The inspiration and foundation of my life’s work is the belief that women must take the time to care for themselves because we can’t authentically give to another what we don’t have within ourselves. This is just one of the reasons I’m so passionate about creating a movement around practices of self-care that empower you to be your best. 

Here are a few of my guiding principles in life…

  • Everything is Energy. What you think, how you feel, your environment, your relationships, what you consume (food, media, conversations). And if you don’t manage your Energy (aka Life), someone else will. 
  • Earth School (or our life journey) is hard, yet not impossible. In fact, it can be quite magical. With great information and valuable support, you can better focus your energy to live an empowered and compassionate life you love, because You are Unlimited. And the support and love available to you from The Other Side means you are never alone or disconnected. 
  • Step-up because Life is not a dress rehearsal. You gotta show up fully—every day, all day. You can’t phone it in. You’re here for a reason and the whole planet is counting on you being you – full on!
  • Only Love is Real. Let your choices to align to Love—your highest vibration. Make your whole life become a heart offering of gratitude to the Divine for your tuition to Earth School.
  • Daily practices set the tone for each day, which sets the path of your life-journey. Cleansing your chakra system daily through meditation is like flossing your teeth: essential to your overall wellbeing and will help you live healthier and longer. 

Earth School is easier to navigate when we have inspiration and support. In my life I have found inspiration from the lives of many, including Mary, Jesus, Ganesh, Lakshmi, ADK Luk, Neil Douglas Klotz, Brené Brown, and Marianne Williamson, to name a few. Some of my favorite books include Free the Genius, Return to Love, Gifts of Imperfection, Loving What Is, Man’s Search for Meaning, The Law of Life, and Biology as Belief

Currently, Cincinnati, Ohio is the place I call home, sharing life and exploring Earth School with my Beloved of 20+ years, Daveed, and our spoiled cavapoo, Lulu. 

P.S.  If you want to find out even more about me then listen to the About Brenda episode of our podcast.

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