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Beauty of the Tarot – Level 1 (Fall 2021)

Through Brenda Rose’s own deck, The Beauty of Tarot, and its accompanying teaching course, she has guided hundreds towards a deeper connection with this sacred tool of discernment. Helping people navigate life with greater insight, understanding, and confidence is her passion. She has served thousands of clients and students for 25 years, masterfully activating the nuances of tarot’s soul-language within their hearts, to help navigate their life with greater insight, intuition, and effectiveness.

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Tarot Guinea Pig

Can you remember back to when you were a child and you learned something new that blew your mind and brought you joy that you didn’t know existed? Learning tarot is just like that. Except tarot is nothing like a game—it’s a sacred conversation between you and your Divine. One that brings peace, clarity, confidence, and yes… joy in one of its purest forms.

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