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September 23-October 12, 2023

Connecting with your Spirit Guides is a meditative process that takes your Earth School journey and spiritual practices to a new level of depth and expansion. Most people are unaware of the Guides they are born into this world with, let alone how to connect with them. The journey is profound and forever changes how you navigate this world’s layers — emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

In-Person Offerings

There are moments or even phases in your life where there’s an urgency to put your guidance into action. Intensives are designed to deliver personalized clarity and support during times of high demand, chaos, and change that can trigger self-doubt, fear, or even paralysis. Intensives serve those who are in transition by choice or by circumstance, including but not limited to corporate leaders, community servants, and people experiencing personal transformation.

September 15-17, 2023
Esalen Institute • Big Sur, CA

Time flies when you’re in your lane doing what you do best, operating in the ways that are the most natural and effective for you.

This workshop incorporates the Kolbe assessment to gain clarity and understanding of your instinctual style of being in the world. Once you have that, you are free to structure your world to support you instead of exhausting you. You can be truly free to be and do you!

September 11-15, 2023
Esalen Institute • Big Sur, CA

Enjoy a rising tide of empowerment and end your daily guessing game about life. Find the guidance you seek when you say “Yes!” to the Beauty of Tarot.

Join renowned master teacher Brenda Rose for this playful and magical journey through the sacred stories of tarot. You’ll gain a meaningful connection with the cards and learn to provide insightful readings. The Beauty of Tarot can amplify your spiritual transformation by helping you cultivate more unconditional love and intuitive guidance for your daily life.

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Happiness: Friends and Family

Today, we discuss the relationships that are crucial to our well-being. Money and status do not benefit your happiness as family and friends do. The bonding that shared experiences bring is an essential reminder that how you feel matters, and what you feel and when you feel it is an indicator of your happiness and authenticity.

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August 11-13, 2023
Cincinnati, OH

It’s been six years since Brenda taught this course. Don’t wait another minute to sign up! Enrollment is limited, and who knows when she’ll get around to this again?!?!

Please join Brenda for the Tarot deep dive. You’ll get to read for real live clients—with loving support from Brenda as your guide on the side. We’ll share insights, ask questions, and take your tarot soul connection and reading skills to the next level.


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