In-Person Offerings

All dates tentative.

Tarot Level 1: Revealing the Sacred Stories of Tarot—Affirming Your Intuitive Guidance
March 20–24, 2023

Come learn the soul’s language to inform, inspire, and support you in creating and living a more meaningful life. Tarot’s ancient wisdom comes alive with relevance when we gather to learn, practice, and play together with this high-vibe divination tool. This is an interactive class, so no experience is necessary for the power of tarot, which will unfold with lightness and love.

Finding Your Spirit Guides: Building a Relationship with the Unseen World
June 5–9, 2023

You know you have them—you’ve gotten chill-bumps, received cryptic messages, and even had flashes of brilliant insights! But it’s not consistent—and you’re not sure you got it “right.” Now is the time, and Esalen is the place to get to know your Spirit Guides in a more formal, consistent, and tangible way. It’s a fun relaxing week of deep meditations, thoughtful reflection, heart-opening sharing, and much laughter. You never know what they’re going to tell you!

Tarot Level 2: The Path of Mastery
September 11-15

If you’ve been reading regularly for others for more than a year, you are welcome to jump into the deeper aspects and insights of Tarot in Brenda’s The Path of Mastery. We’ll collectively read for each other. Also, we’ll invite guest clients in for some lucky class members to read for as the rest of us watch and learn from live readings.

The Kolbe Assessment: Learning to Work with Your Natural Instincts, Not Against Them
September 15-17

The Kolbe Instinct Test is unique. It does not measure intelligence, personality, or social style. Instead, it measures the instinctive ways you act when you strive. Use your custom results to be more productive, less stressed, and unlock joy at work and with your family.

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