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Starting Saturday, February 4

Through Brenda Rose’s own deck, The Beauty of Tarot, and its accompanying teaching course, she has guided hundreds toward a deeper connection with this sacred tool of discernment. Helping people navigate life with greater insight, understanding, and confidence is her passion. She has served thousands of clients and students for 25 years, masterfully activating the nuances of tarot’s soul language within their hearts to help navigate their life with greater insight, intuition, and effectiveness.

Tarot will validate your intuition, provide inspiration for your journey, and guidance for those moments of uncertainty. You will explore an ancient language that speaks with great clarity, guiding you through our modern days. Join us on this sacred deep dive to connect with tarot. No experience is necessary—only open hearts and minds.

In-Person Offerings

Esalen Institute • Big Sur, CA

Enjoy a rising tide of empowerment as you end your daily guessing game about life and receive the guidance you seek when you say “Yes!” to learning the Beauty of Tarot.

This workshop is an introductory level deep-dive into the powerful insights of tarot, how to cultivate them for yourself, and how to begin reading cards for others in your life. Together we will initiate this ancient and fascinating daily practice into your life as the sacred land of Esalen welcomes you.

Finding Your Spirit Guides: Building a Relationship with the Unseen World
June 5–9, 2023

You know you have them—you’ve gotten chill-bumps, received cryptic messages, and even had flashes of brilliant insights! But it’s not consistent—and you’re not sure you got it “right.” Now is the time, and Esalen is the place to get to know your Spirit Guides in a more formal, consistent, and tangible way. It’s a fun relaxing week of deep meditations, thoughtful reflection, heart-opening sharing, and much laughter. You never know what they’re going to tell you!

Tarot Level 2: The Path of Mastery
September 11-15

If you’ve been reading regularly for others for more than a year, you are welcome to jump into the deeper aspects and insights of Tarot in Brenda’s The Path of Mastery. We’ll collectively read for each other. Also, we’ll invite guest clients in for some lucky class members to read for as the rest of us watch and learn from live readings.

The Kolbe Assessment: Learning to Work with Your Natural Instincts, Not Against Them
September 15-17

The Kolbe Instinct Test is unique. It does not measure intelligence, personality, or social style. Instead, it measures the instinctive ways you act when you strive. Use your custom results to be more productive, less stressed, and unlock joy at work and with your family.

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March Love Note: Seven of Water—Honoring Your Sensitivities

The Seven of Water shows up when your sensitivities and emotions are at maximum capacity. So it makes sense that the Seven of Water appears during Pisces Season, the most sensitive astrological sign of them all. The beauty of both Pisces energy and the Seven of Water is to believe what you know and feel to be true.

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Latest Podcast

The Aura Exit

Have you ever wondered what energy stays behind and what energy moves with you after death? Knowing that energy cannot be created or destroyed—it simply changes state. Today’s episode invites you to explore, consider, and contemplate your energy…because Earth School is hard, and Energy is Everything.

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