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Soul-Feeding Activities

Investing in your self means taking responsibility for being your best self by refreshing and refueling regularly—not just when you’re drained.

Deeply Rooted in the Flow of Love

Self-care leads you down the path of being the best version of who you are meant to be: strong, confidant, embodied, passionate, dedicated, rested, rejuvenated, fulfilled. It’s how you can have fun and play while doing good work along the way. It’s how you can best serve others, for we all know you cannot give love or inspiration if you first don’t show that same love and dedication to your own, and whole, well-being.

Keeping Calm During Chaos

You have moments when you are not operating at your best; somedays it seems no matter how high you try to keep your vibe, something or someone triggers you and you’re down in the muck of deep sadness, anger, or confusion. That’s ok.

Learning to Raise Your Vibration

Have you ever met someone, whether it be an old friend, casual acquaintance, or complete stranger, and immediately felt their “vibe?” And that vibe / energy either pulled you in closer or made you want to escape as fast as possible? We have all had these moments, and we have all been the person that either radiates good energy, or puts out negative juju.

Ready to Receive – Part 2 / Open Up and Let it Flow

It seems like being able to receive whatever it is you’re asking for would be a natural state. It’s so easy to make requests: I wish I had ‘this’, I desire ‘that’. If you think about it, we ask for things all the time.