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Fight, Flight, Freeze – Thrive

When you find yourself in a challenging situation—one where it’s hard to see your way out of, over, or through—it’s natural to feel too embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help. So you may isolate yourself in attempt to contain the problem, instead of asking for help.

Bring Your Magic  

During this time of year, when you dive deep inside the darkness and honor your inner guidance, the Spiritual world is ready to rise up and meet you, in real and tangible ways. It’s your responsibility to cultivate that relationship, which requires belief in the Magic within.

The Ghost Photographer and the Importance of Self-Acceptance & Love

When a friend, family member or colleague reaches a milestone of success and growth, how does that make you feel? Does another person’s happiness leave you inspired and curious about how they got there, or does it make you jealous or sad, because you’re not sure what the path is and how to begin your own journey of creative discovery?

Living in Harmony with Astrology—Libra Love

Libras are relationship and connection focused and consumed. Libras care deeply about showing up for the important relationships in their lives… which means all of them! It’s no wonder Libras are quite easy to get along with and are generally liked.

New Moon Ritual

There are many reasons to work with the energy of the New Moon. What I really love about connecting to the New Moon—feeling its pulse and energy with all my heart—is because the New Moon is all about Envisioning, Desiring, and Longing.