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What Stays. What Goes. Managing Your Transition.

As the world begins to reopen at different levels, ways, and capacities, you may find yourself wondering how you’ll engage with the outside world again. These thoughts may bring you stress, joy, or a complex mix of emotions.

Self-care Exercise for Inner Freedom

Take time to journal, it can be a sacred space to vent your anger, fear, judgment, and panic, but it can also be the superpower of self-exploration.

Self-Care During Times of Uncertainty

A reminder to use your spiritual practices and tools during times when it maybe a struggle to stay calm. Practicing self-care is great for restoring and maintaining your highest vibe.

How to Make 2020 Magical!

What happens when you follow your curiosity about the Spiritual World? You naturally are designed to have a spiritual connection, and there are many pathways to achieving that. Finding a spiritual support system can feel a lot like fumbling around in a dark room you’ve never entered before. Taking those first steps can feel intimidating. And, on top of those initial fears is the question: What happens when you turn on the light?

Bathing with the Moon’s Beauty

Here is such energetic intensity around the Full Moon. Think about it… our bodies are approximately 60% water—the amount fluctuates as we grow and change… Given that the moon is our closet cosmic neighbor, and its gravitational pull governs the tides, it’s only natural that our human bodies feel the pulse and swelling of this glorious lunar pull. What moves the oceans, also moves you.

Make Restlessness your Guide

Restlessness is the result of feeling anxious or bored. It is one of the most frustrating emotions you can experience. When you know something isn’t going right in your life, your mind cannot rest.

Activating Your Light

Take the time to tend to your inner fires, so your soul’s guiding light is always accessible to you. That way you don’t lose your way. Your light will have plenty of fuel to burn; you can easily support others in a sustainable, energizing way, without diminishing your light.

Soul-Feeding Activities

Investing in your self means taking responsibility for being your best self by refreshing and refueling regularly—not just when you’re drained.