Life Lessons: Forgive & Forget?


At some point in your life, you have been put in a space where you’ve had to grant someone forgiveness, ask for someone’s forgiveness, and…forgive yourself.

Earth school is continuously stretching us to grow. And forgiveness can be one of the hardest lessons.

It’s a double-layered course: once you reach the point of letting go, you are further challenged to forget. And sometimes it is in your best interest not to forget. But there is a way to unburden yourself of the energy.

You came into this life with a set of karmic challenges already in place. And so did everyone else you come into contact with.

When you are betrayed, it hurts. When you betray someone else, they hurt — and the wounds we place on others leave their mark on our soul too. Forgiveness is ultimately the salve we put on ourselves to heal ourselves, regardless if the other party is open to receiving grace. Especially if the other is not willing to have a conversation of healing. Some people don’t realize they’ve hurt us. Some, don’t care. Their lens is still clouded and they are not ready to receive this lesson yet. And there’s nothing you can do about that. Let that fact ease your heart, and instead, forgive for the sake of your own body.

Meditation is a powerful tool to utilize on this path. Going deep within to say, “I forgive you” or “I’m sorry” takes bravery, vulnerability, and personal accountability. The self-awareness required for this level of work is not for the faint-hearted. But if you’re reading this now, and feeling the connection to this — and maybe the hope of relief — you’re ready.

Forgetting is a more complicated subject. Our ego wants to protect our body, mind, and heart from pain. Simple discrepancies, of course, can be forgotten. But that’s not what we are talking about here.

Instead of forgetting the deepest of betrayals, practice releasing them up to the Universe for karmic healing — for the highest good for all — mentally, emotionally, and physically. You cannot control another’s actions. Only yours. Allow peace to flow in, through, and out of you. And when you find yourself triggered by a memory, breathe. Breathwork is also a powerful tool to regulate your nervous system.

There are many paths of healing breathwork or pranayama — enjoy your search of finding your own breathwork. An accessible practice I do with my people is called, The Increasing Exhale. When the exhale is longer than the inhale, the nervous system resets. Simply count as you inhale for 4, pause, then exhale for 4. Keep the inhale at 4, and increase the exhale by one count until the inhale is 4 and the exhale is 8. Doing that once is really helpful. Doing 3-rounds is life-giving.

There is only one moment (now) and one path (forward). Practicing forgiveness and release clears your path so that you can live your best life — with honor, integrity, and compassion.

Love and Light,


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