New Year Challenge (Part Two)—Taking Inventory


IIn this December Love Note, your New Year Challenge continues with Part Two: Preparing For Your Future. Click here to revisit November’s Part One.

Many of you are fully engaged during the month of December—wrapping up year-end projects and deadlines and shopping or wrapping up presents for others to celebrate the holidays. For some, this time of year brings joy. For others, it’s the most stressful or depressing month of the year. It’s an excellent time to practice being in the present moment. It’s also one of the most challenging times to do so.

As you move through your days, navigating various emotions and checking off your to-do list, I ask you to consider and compare the following:

Are you spending a significant amount of time investing in others via food, home preparation, shopping for gifts, tending to the needs of clients, coworkers, and family, etc.? Please consider balancing all that activity with spending some time reflecting on the investments and time you’re dedicating to You. It can be as simple as: Am I getting enough sleep? Am I staying within a budget that fits my lifestyle and goals? Am I taking the time to nourish my body properly, or keep healthy boundaries? And if you’re fluttering around searching for just the right present for someone, take a moment to compare the difference between a gift you give to others and the gifts you bring to the world that are unique to you, and also meant to be shared and treasured.

Last month we talked about cultivating your vision for the New Year. This month, we focus on how you can prepare to activate that vision. Yes, it’s a busy time… and the perfect time to hone in on the dedications you plan to keep as a promise to yourself as 2022 begins. Life will always bring distractions. But, preparing now by staying dedicated, consistent, and focused—is the trick to seeing and experiencing the real and tangible change you desire.

It’s not about setting resolutions. It’s a personal revolution.

When you stay dedicated to your priorities—for example, what are the healthiest/best/most joyful practices for you—then whatever you have focused on is elevated to the next level, and ready for you to generously share with the world. Honoring yourself every day—not just one, two, or eight days each year is how everyone wins.

What can you begin Right Now to support your best-self-transition into New Year with habits already rooted deep within you?

Preparing now eases some of the pressure to snap into a new form when January 1st arrives. It gives your mind, body, and spirit time to welcome and embrace the vision and vibration you’ve been feeling. This is your energetic on-ramp into your vision. This unfolding process allows your entire being to embrace this change with graceful pacing.

That’s not to say it’s going to be easy. But it will most certainly bring a welcomed result. It’s the difference between doing food prep before serving a large meal. When you go to cook, things are already organized and laid out for you. As a result, the path is less cluttered. If you don’t do that pre-work, you end up bolting to the store for last-minute items. You return already feeling defeated and scramble frantically to create a feast all in one day, you end up depleted, and some part of the meal will not be in-line with what you had envisioned. Simply put, preparation is the crucial ingredient when taking one thing and turning it into another. It’s how you set yourself up for success in both big and small ways.

Dedicate time this month to prepare for what you want to bring into your world as the new year approaches, as well as what you want to release from your energy field when the clocks turn over. First, make a personal list that’s just for You, different from your to-do lists, shopping lists, and the like. This is a list of personal priorities, not a list of tasks. Then, where possible, feel your way toward this transition by activating what you can now, so the new year already feels lighter, grounded, natural, and full of personal potential.

Download a fillable pdf to help you prepare for your future here. 

Love & Light to you and yours,
To your health, well-being, potential, joy, and beauty…
As you Prepare now, to Activate in January—and beyond. You are worth it.

Love and Light,


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