New Year Challenge (Part One)—Cultivate Your Vision


It’s time to take your power back and reclaim your life.

It’s time to plan.

It’s time to feel your way into your future by envisioning, preparing, activating your vision with your plan, then following through with committed action.

The past two years have shaken us all. So many external worldly unknowns—pivots, turns, and adjustments we did not seek, want, or could control. You know that there’s always going to be circumstances outside of your grasp. That’s all true. That all happened.  

Now it’s time to remember who you truly are, what you deeply want, and create steps for how you will get there.

This is part one of a three-part series to usher you into the new year. It’s all about empowerment, ownership, and activation.

Your first challenge is to feel into your vision. Dedicate time this month to some solitude (Hello Scorpio Season!) and allow yourself to explore and expand mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

What’s missing? What’s calling you? What’s possible?

Imagine navigating your days in an optimal way that brings forward your best gifts, talents, creativity, drive, and connections. This lays the path toward abundance—because when you live your life honoring your purpose, vision, joys, and strengths—your entire being lights up, activating a chain response within and without.

Allow yourself to daydream, to imagine the best scenario, to overcome the ‘impossible.’ Instead of saying ‘what if this doesn’t work out?’ say ‘what if it does?’ You’ll know it’s true and possible when you feel a smile come across your face from a place of peace deep within.

As the thoughts, ideas, and yes, smiles come your way, jot down what you see and feel. You can use a notebook, your phone… anything nearby. The point is to document your new beginning. Here are a few prompts to get you started:

What does your ideal day look like? What’s unfolding in the morning, afternoon, evening? You know yourself best. What type of schedule would honor your body’s natural cycle and rhythm?

How do you feel each morning when you awaken? Each night as you conclude your day? (Remember, this is how you want to feel… not how you are currently feeling.) How does your new awareness compare and contrast to the life you’re living now? What’s working? What needs to go?

Keep note of your energy levels throughout your day. When do you feel most alert? When do you need to rest? How does your lifestyle (diet, mindfulness, career, exercise level) support or deplete you? How can you adjust this?

Take a look at your relationships. Are they balanced and fulfilling? How can you bring yourself more fully into your home and love life? How can you co-create the peace, comfort, and support your soul needs? Are there conversations that need to happen or adjustments that need to be made?

Take a look at your finances. Is your compensation what you desire and deserve, or are you struggling to get by? Does the energy you export match the energy you bring in? Remember everything is energy, including money. Are you living with a mindset of scarcity or abundance?

Energetic awareness and mindset in this realm are crucial. Much of that begins from your childhood, adopted and adapted by your parent’s beliefs. Perhaps it’s time to reset your foundational mindset around budgets, financial goals, and feelings toward money and worthiness, and receiving.

This is an exercise in cultivating your vision, your future. Be aware of your past, but not limited by it. 

This is just the beginning. As you feel into this ideal version of yourself and your days, inspiration and awareness will begin to flow. During the month of November, your only job is to feel your way through… Because next month, you’ll prepare.

Download a fillable pdf to help you cultivate your vision.

Love and Light,


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