Ignite Your Intuition


This telecourse was recorded in 2019 and is now available as a self-paced course including five teaching modules from Brenda Rose plus handouts.

Everyone loves that feeling of knowing there’s magic in the world when you followed your intuition and it pays off beautifully. What if you could experience that more regularly?

You also know that sinking feeling of when you thought your instincts read a situation correctly only to have things disintegrate before your very eyes. How valuable would it be able to avoid that situation more regularly?

This is exactly the ground I cover in “Ignite Your Intuition”.

Everyone wants to be in touch with their inner guidance. Life gets simpler and more elegant when you can confidently trust that your decision-making is aligned to your highest good. You can stop second-guessing yourself or defaulting to what other people are telling you because you don’t know if you are “right”. No matter how well-meaning people are, they aren’t you. Only you know what’s right for you.

This self-paced pre-recorded telecourse will teach you some simple, powerful techniques to:

  • Clear away the noise in your system
  • Dial into the signals your body is sending
  • Practice in small ways to build your confidence
  • Heal past wounds from “missed or mixed” signals
  • Build trust in your own instincts and intuition
  • Claim your superpower of inner guidance
  • Live in harmony with your intuition and experience life’s magic!

Included: 5 x 60-minute audio recordings (available as mp3 downloads). Each class also includes downloadable handouts.