The Beauty & Complexity of Family


Many of you have experienced phenomenal shifts during the past year: learning, growing, adjusting, and pivoting at the drop of a hat. Maybe you became closer to some people and estranged from others. Regardless if you found yourself alone more or just feeling lonely, there’s no doubt—in one way or another, you’ve changed. We all have. 

As we continue to explore a new reality, full of infinite possibility and constant change, it’s important to look back—way back—to your ancestors and lineage. You may have experienced some small or profound shifts this year in regard to family: seeing them less, or seeing them always, having space imposed or forced upon you. This may have brought anxiety, worry, relief, or a combination of these emotions and more. Many experienced the loss of a loved one or family member. Anytime a member of our bloodline “jumps the planet,” it is felt collectively.

As you already know, Earth School can be heavy and deep. And with so many systems of support strained as a result, how can you be someone others can lean on, and allow yourself to lean on others too

This is where Family of Birth and Family of Choice come into play. Both lead and guide the dynamics of your Spiritual Family—in seen and unseen ways. When you came to this world, you brought with you a “soul contract” to fulfill, created by karma, dharma, lessons, purpose, and destiny. Your birth family was the first one you knew consciously, and they bestowed their beliefs upon you from the moment you took your first breath: customs, values, traditions, expectations, love, rules, and responsibilities. Maybe you connected with them, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you’ve spent this lifetime shedding those layers, forging a new path, and breaking cycles. Maybe there are parts of your childhood you cherish and want to preserve and pass along. The thing is, it’s your choice now. You can form new traditions and customs, pass down updated beliefs, break molds, and set the tone for the next generation. It’s all vibration and frequency. Tiny shifts lead to major impacts. This is how you create a legacy on Earth and how you honor your soul’s journey.

Along your journey, you’ll meet and create another family: Your Family of Choice. This is your Vibe Tribe, your best friends, Sisterhood—the people you meet that instantly feel like home. Maybe you’ve walked this path with them before, maybe you hadn’t. It doesn’t matter. They are with you now, and the bond can be stronger, thicker, and more life-sustaining than any bloodline. 

2020 turned the world upside-down and the mirror within. Your Spiritual Family—Spirit Guides, Mentors, Healers, etc.—are more important to connect with than ever. Meditation, yoga, support groups, breathwork, and other forms of Spiritual Self-care has a huge impact on your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and financial wellbeing. 

Tarot and its sacred guidance supports your spiritual self-care practices. It’s my spiritual go-to when I’m feeling unsettled, unsure, or curious about what is unfolding before me. There are messages to be found within the Tarot that directly come from your ancestors. When these Major Arcana cards appear in your reading, you can be certain it is your Spiritual Family on the Other Side coming to support you and wrap you with Love. Keep an eye out for them as you begin or deepen your Tarot practice: 

The Empress: The Empress is The Divine Feminine, the quintessential Mother, the Energy of Unconditional Love. She is rooted in the physical realm and the bringer of tangible gifts. The Empress is all about manifestation: the giver of life and Healer. She teaches you to believe, accept, trust and follow your intuition.

The High Priestess: The High Priestess shows up to remind you to be in touch with all aspects of yourself and not to be afraid to dive within. Her guidance is instinctual, primordial, and connected to your soul’s sacred path. She may show up physically in your world as a guide or mentor, teaching you to transcend shadows and bringing you to your own Inner-Light.

Temperance: Temperance is REbirth. When Temperance appears it is a message for you to let go of the issues from the past and fall fearlessly into the arms of Universal Love. Vulnerability is your super-power, Open-Heartedness is the way.

The Strength/Athena: The Goddess Athena is within you, and around you, offering support and connecting you to your Center of Courage. The Strength represents the slaying of the Ego: killing off illusions and releasing the pressure of people who thought what you were or what they needed you to be. You are your own person, fully.

The Moon: The Moon is the Sacred Feminine, and when it appears in your reading your ancestors are near. Listen for their messages, and honor their wisdom. The Spirit World is speaking to you through your dreams—both literally and figuratively. Your Intuition and psychic sensitivity are riding high. Increase your meditation and sacred ritual practices so you can tune in to your ancestral guidance more clearly. The light of The Moon helps you see what has been hidden.

As you begin to re-emerge and re-define yourself from the shifts and pivots of 2020 and beyond, do so with peace, love, and the strength of your families—chosen and bestowed. Honor your light, your growth, and the boundaries you’ve learned through troubled times.

Love and Light,


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