Asking For Help Is Part Of The Game

For many of us, it can be difficult to ask for help. Whether you run a business, a charity, manage a small group of people or large corporation, serve others in your line of work, chase a toddler all day, operate a “mom-taxi” service, or all of the above, you are accustomed to taking care of people and situations so that life can flow with as minimal disruption as possible.

And when someone needs help, you’re there for them.

When was the last time you needed help or guidance? During those moments, are you able to reach out to those friends, colleagues, mentors or therapists that can assist and guide you? Or do you ignore this need and find a way to solve the situation yourself. Disregarding your own needs is a common trait of women who are accustomed to taking care of the world around them.

Can you recall the last time you made a difference in someone’s life—perhaps showing them a perspective/solution to a problem they were unable to see on their own? Whether that’s comforting a friend in need, teaching a child how to tie their shoe, negotiating a business deal, or saving your business from unexpected or difficult circumstances. Odds are you may not even be aware of all the ways, each and every day, you keep the ships afloat. But are you able to raise your hand and then accept the hand that’s offered back to you so that your vessel—your mind, body, soul, and well-being stays supported and sailing smoothly as well?

In my coaching profession, I help guide powerful and strong women to see that seeking assistance is just as important as setting boundaries. In fact, the two go hand-in-hand to ensure your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health is kept at optimum levels.

What if you allowed the power of “I don’t know” to become the springboard and inspiration toward a life of greater learning? Admitting you need help or that you don’t know all the answers can feel uncomfortable and vulnerable, but that’s where the magic and joy of learning lives. One of my favorite lessons is: The power is in the question, not the answer. For once you have the answer, the game is over…

Allow yourself to revel in the game — ask the questions, seek the advice, find the mentor or tribe that can guide and assist you toward a life of higher learning and deep personal satisfaction. Anytime you feel overwhelmed or unsure, take a moment to flip the internal script from: “This is overwhelming I don’t know what to do” to “This is amazing I am going to rally my support system and get through this.” Ask for help when you need it—allowing and welcoming the support you so freely give to all your endeavors to come back to you—creating a balanced and authentic life experience.

Love and Light,


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