Soul-Feeding Activities


It’s critical to be aware of how you are energetically engaging with the activities, food, people, and places that feed and fuel your soul. It’s literally what your life is made up of. Earth School is hard… and you never graduate until you draw your last breath. So while you’re here, take responsibility for being your best self by refreshing and refueling regularly—not just when you’re drained.

And just for the record, it’s not as though being drained is a terrible thing. Lots of good investments of our energy will drain us. It’s not failure—it’s part of the process of life. What we forget is that recharging is also part of the process.

Whether you physically just played a game, worked out, planted a garden or chased a toddler all day long—you gotta refuel. We all understand that experience.

The same concept applies to refueling your heart and mind—something that is not as front and center in the lexicon of today’s “got to do more” culture. But it’s essential you tend to these tender parts—for your heart, mind, and soul are the basis of what makes you You.

If you’re in a phase of doing a particular type of work that drains you (and let’s face it, no matter how much you love your work, there’s always that 10-30% you put off for a reason), you have to make sure your refueling is done with high-octane activities. If you’re great at getting things done or hard-driving, you may not be quite as great at investing in meaningful self-care.

While everyone loves or longs for a “girls weekend”… those aren’t practical on the regular. So create your go-to list of accessible and joyful refueling activities that will give you the peace of mind and inspiration you need and require. This will ensure that you always bring your best to the often-full table.

How do you know it’s a high-octane refueling activity?

  • You long for it.
  • You lose time and get lost in it.
  • You could do it every day and still want more.
  • You don’t require anyone else to do anything for you when you are engaged with it. You are just good to go on your own, fully activated.
  • Your activity leaves you feeling more hopeful & a little more in love with life.

Here’s a Go-To Soul Feeding List from my tribe: Yoga, being in Nature, painting, reading, writing, golfing, sitting on the dock, cooking, sewing, crafts in general, candle making, community work, gardening, jewelry making, horseback riding, cycling, camping, restoring furniture, making music, being with friends and family.

Clearly, not a complete list but meant to serve as a jump-starter for you to get started creating your own list.

Have fun creating your Soul-Feeding List—add new things to try, reach out to people you admire and ask them for their list, use it as an excuse to make new friends. Then once you have it—make sure you invest your energy there, and often. It WILL pay you back!

Love and Light,


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