Living in Harmony with Astrology: The Mighty Leo Roar


When you think of Leo energy, images of lions protecting and providing for their pride come to mind. That glorious hair; that “I am in charge here” gait; that pounce when the time is ripe. But inside every lion, there is a kitten who loves to be stroked and cuddled. Therein lies the dichotomy of Leo’s magnetic energy.

Family is essential to Leo’s well-being, and a personal barometer they use to measure their place in the world because family equals tribe. And a tribe’s successes or failures—at the end of the day—rest solely upon its leader. And Leos are born to lead. Leo parents dote on and protect their children with fierce energy and loyalty. The lion is not afraid to correct their child when needed, in the name of building strength and inspiring nobility. The same goes for Leo CEOs. They run their company as if it were the number one corporation in the world; because for Leo, it is. Second place, or second-best, is not an option.

Leo energy is ruled by the Sun—big, bright and magnetic. You cannot help but notice and feel their presence. When Leo energy enters a room, you know it. Their powerful energy is supported by their impeccable posture, self-assured swagger, and mega-watt smile. If you’ve failed to notice their hair, their outfit, or smelled their one-of-a-kind perfume and you still need to determine which person in the room is a Leo… close your eyes and listen… you’ll hear their musical conversation, and accompanying distinctive laughter, a mile away.

In their balanced and best state, Leo energy is kind-hearted, generous, protective, loyal and fun. Often creative and artistic by nature, Leo’s problem-solving skills, and subsequent ability to rally the troops, is legendary. Leos see the world through their sunshine lens. Leos drive comes from knowing that the world needs their Leo vision to move forward with uniqueness, dignity and visual beauty. Think: Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama, Mick Jagger, Kylie Jenner, Amelia Earhart… all famous Leos, all ruling their world, and all not afraid of having an international spotlight. Leos enjoy and seek adoration, and in return give that same love and adoration back to their tribe by the bucket-full. Leo’s capacity for Love is limitless.

Leo’s biggest challenge is to trust that Love. Just as a lion would react to a sense of threat or danger, Leo’s tend to attack first and seek redemption (if they feel it’s warranted) later. Unbalanced or aggravated Leo energy can become impatient, jealous, vengeful, mistrusting and reckless. When these emotions creep into Leos peripheral, it is essential they take a step back and survey the big-picture—aka the pride-lands—before making their move or opening their mouth. Only then will they be able to tame the Beast that sleeps within.

To harness this glorious Leo energy, remember to take pride in your work, your love, your family/tribe, and your creative ability. Keep in mind that the reality of a Lion leading his pride among the vast landscape of Africa is only a small part of the world. In the reality of this modern world, it takes teamwork and partnerships to move dreams to reality. Protect the ones you love, but also protect yourself. It’s ok to be vulnerable and ask for help; it’s ok to not know the answers immediately. It’s ok to be Human. It’s ok to be the Lion when necessary, and the kitten in between.

Love and Light,


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