Living in Harmony with Astrology: Flowing with Emotional, Passionate, Intuitive Cancer


Ruled by the Moon and guided by Water, Cancer energy is the energy of pure, raw Emotion. 

High emotional awareness is Cancers’ super-power, and as with all beings in the natural world, superpowers have an upside and a downside. Cancer’s hypersensitivity can guide and inform, or it can overwhelm and paralyze. This yin/yang is the liability of all Water signs but particularly affects Cancer. We all have that friend (or perhaps it’s you) who cries when they’re happy, and cries when they’re sad. Most likely, this friend is a Cancer or has Cancer energy high in their Astrological birth chart. 

That is the beauty of Cancer energy and proof of their deep Passion. Personal connections guide and fuel Cancer energy, making them valuable in all their endeavors whether it’s work, family, or friendships. Cancers must feel it to believe and perceive it, and once they feel that connection they are loyal and devoted to the end. This makes them highly valuable in the work world — they will carry a project, team, or goal through dedication, passion, and with great care. When the energy is right, they will bring everything that they have to the table. This is their happy place, their sacred space, their souls calling, and one of the many ways they bring love and healing to the World.  

Making connections and feeling their way through the world also guides Cancer energy with their personal style and in the ways, they create comfort in their home and work environment. Their personal style is a form of self-expression meant to pull others in or establish a boundary. Not one who likes to be told what to do, Cancer energy can vary from social/extroverted (usually only when comfortable and safe in their space) to isolated/introverted (when nestled safely in the confines of the world they’ve created). Because of their emotional sensitivity and intuitive awareness they like to create an environment that works for them and then they don’t want to leave. The Crab is the symbol of the Cancer, and like crabs, Cancers to burrow safely in their space. They love to welcome people into their home and their life and remember the ‘little things’ with tender-loving care. They will remember and cook your favorite meal for you. They will make sure you are secure and comfortably wrapped in your favorite blanket. They will nest and create and safe and nurturing environment, both at home and in the work-space. 

They are devoted to work, social causes (and the outcome), and to their family. Family is everything to Cancers—family of choice as well as biology. It all goes back to the connection and ties that unify; the emotions that bring people together. Cancer energy is mothering, nurturing, and fueled by loyalty and devotion. Ancestry, legacy, honoring past generations, and family history are interests that Cancers are naturally drawn to. 

History of self, coupled with high-emotional sensitivity, can work against them. Cancers can become paralyzed by past wounds. The loop plays over and over again in their mind and their heart. The Cancers challenge is to recognize when trauma is guiding their current emotions and then learn how to swim above it. When Cancers master how to make that move to honoring their past, learning the lesson from it, and moving forward, they learn how to manage and activate the true power of their emotional sensitivity. Then they can become leaders and teachers of true compassion and forgiveness. They no longer get lost in the wounds of the past, and instead learn how to see the beauty of the past and bring it forward to the future, which not only heals themselves but heals all those around them. 

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This emotional guidance, their internal compass that is deeply rooted in the gut and their belly, gives Cancer energy incredible psychic powers. Cancer rules at  the stomach: “my gut said this; my belly guided me here.” Learning to trust these gut instincts without apology takes the Cancers emotional sensitivity and turns it into their greatest superpower and gift; honoring the divine within and expressing true love and emotion out into the world. 

To harness your own Cancer energy, be not afraid to express your emotions. Reach out to those you love and let them know you love them; move toward those heart-to-heart connections that make your heart bloom and soul shine. Find passion and purpose in your work. Love and honor your tribe – family and friendships that come to you by birth or miracle. Be aware of your sensitivity and use it to guide, not paralyze your emotions. Take time to find quiet space to burrow like the crab, so that you too can hear those intuitive hits and messages meant to illuminate your soul-path, heal your wounds, and bring personal beauty to the world around you. 

Love and Light,


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