Why Tarot?


Why is tarot relevant today? In our fast-moving virtual world, one may wonder. Why should I study tarot, when I can download an app that tells me what the card means? This is not a slam to apps, they’re fun! Yet an app is not the same as holding a sacred tool like tarot in the palm of your hand and (more importantly) in the depths of your heart.

Tarot brings the unseen world into focus, breaks down our intuitive hits and amplifies those little whispers in the back of our minds. The cards guide us to an informed and empowered path. Tarot helps us be more strategic, efficient and effective in our thoughts, words, and actions. Once you know the secret language of tarot, it becomes like a super-power. 

I had one client tell me:

“I love my daily tarot practice. Even if the cards tell me something is going to be harder than I want, I’m always so grateful to know… so I can find my way with grace, and not freak out.”

Tarot used to get a bad reputation, but I think that’s because its history is veiled, much like it’s nuanced soul’s language. Once rooted in mysticism then clouded by elitism, tarot is now a respected and accessible divination tool. Embraced by people from all walks of life, tarot’s insight is infinite. It is accessible to all—regardless of any religious, geographical, or linguistic boundaries. All you need is a willing mind and open heart (and a Tarot deck, of course!) 

And it wasn’t always this way. Tarot’s history is complex and fascinating. There is a debate about where, and how it originated. Tarot is believed to have been used as a “game” for royalty, eventually evolving into the sacred tool for tapping into a higher vibration and discernment that we now know it to be. Forms of the Major Arcana bubbled up in popularity as far back as 1440 in Italy. These twenty-two cards represent different life stages and stations of soul development and are what differentiate the tarot deck from a deck of “regular” playing cards. 

So, how can we harness the power of tarot? First, by acknowledging that we are offered daily messages from the Divine, our Spirit Guides, the Universe… whatever you like to call it. We have “gut feelings”, hunches, instincts, or insights whispered to us. And yet, despite this, sometimes we can still get overwhelmed. Earth School can be hard! That’s where the tarot steps in. Did you know that by simply shuffling a deck of tarot cards you raise the vibration of your energy field? Everything “lifts” a little bit. This is because sacred tools, like tarot, have a high frequency and each shuffle is like a mini-cleansing or re-set.

Then, the beauty begins! Learning each tarot card’s meaning is like learning a new alphabet—an alphabet that teaches you how to tell a new language of soul stories. As you continue to develop and connect with your cards, an evolution occurs—because the more you work with your cards, they deeper they work with you. It’s a cycle of Amplified Intuition—full of life-force energy and innate truth. 

One of my Level 1 students said,

“I have to admit, this is very humbling to me. To touch lives and offer clarity and understanding is an honor. Thank you for this gift.”

Bringing clarity and understanding is a gift. Sometimes we’re just too close to something and we can’t see or feel what’s true. And sometimes we want to ignore what we already know. The cards will always call us out and offer us a path forward.

Much like the Vision Boards I hope you’ve been constructing this New Year, tarot puts our Guidance and Inner Knowing into form. It illustrates our journey and strengthens our Intuition. Tarot takes the energetic world and translates it into the physical, verbal, and visual. Its wisdom and guidance are here to support us through this ever-evolving, complex, and fascinating life journey. Tarot speaks the soul’s language—and the soul’s language is Love.

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Love and Light,


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