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Vision Boards are a fun, energizing, and magnetic way to connect your intention and your vision to your daily life. And they are always a popular way to anchor and energize your New Year Vision. Unlike speaking and writing, which use our conscious intellect to express desires and choices, vision boards engage both our conscious and unconscious minds, this amplifies their power and impact on our decisions and actions.

Once upon a time, vision boards were an exercise found at spiritual and personal growth retreats. These days, vision boards are probably something familiar to you. They have increased in popularity over the years, partially due to the success of The Secret. In this book, people shared personal stories about receiving the abundance they desired after making their own vision boards. Looking at their vision boards daily reminded their soul of what they envisioned their life to be. Even the ever-positive Ellen made a board, to get on the cover of O. And, of course, because these tools work, Oprah responded.

Vision boards take many forms from physical to electronic (Pinterest!), from pocket-sized to large posters, but they all hold images or symbols of people, places, experiences, and things we want to have in our lives. Simply create your own or choose images from magazines, online, or personal photos.

Some people choose a single focus for their vision boards; others fill their boards with images with anything that inspires them. That’s the beauty of vision boards, they’re 100% yours for the making.

Some people use quotes and meaningful words as part of their vision board, I prefer to work with images. The old saying, “a PICTURE is worth 1,000 words” carries weight here. Images work on both the conscious and unconscious levels. Again, anytime something hits our unconscious, it gets activated in our lives more deeply and resonates throughout our actions and words. This subconscious impact helps us incorporate and vibrate closer to our envisioned world.

To help get you started consider or meditate upon these two questions: 

  • What do I deeply desire?
  • What am I willing to do?

When you have your images ready, place them in a meaningful way on your board. If this sounds overwhelming or confusing, try working with the Feng Shui Bagua, which breaks the board into nine sections or segments of life:

Once you’ve created your board, it’s important to keep it in your daily line of sight. For some, this is in the sacred alter-space; for others, it’s inside a walk-in closet or near your home’s main entry. Where isn’t as important as just seeing it and keeping your vision activated daily.

Of course, many of us may not yet know exactly what it is we want, we simply know we have a soul-longing that yearns and deserves to be filled. If this is the case for you, just commit to being open and receiving life’s endless gifts. Then stay tuned into what you’re attracted to as you peruse images for a vision board in a playful and open-hearted way. Don’t over-think while you’re clipping images, this is where having a party or inviting friends to join you helps keep the mood light, and your intuition fully engaged.

There are no rules, as long as your board inspires you. It may capture your true potential, possibilities, and affirm your actions as your year unfolds. Vision boards are the perfect complement to a journaling and meditation practice and serve as a visual reminder that you are here for a reason and a purpose. You are capable and worthy of whatever your heart and soul desires, and that the life-force energy that makes up all living things is here to support your journey—at all times, without end.

Now—go gather the magazines, glue, and canvas of your choice, and Have Fun Empowering Your Vision!  

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Love and Light,


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