Clearing Your Space: Smudging


There are endless ways to push yourself: over scheduling, perfectionism, or you just try to be everything to everyone. Know this: you are not alone; everyone’s got her own version of insanity. The question is, What is it going to take for you to stop putting yourself last? You know it’s not sustainable.

Anyone can push through for a bit, but it is critical you plan for steady, effective and sustainable personal energy renewal – and that you do this regularly. It’s not selfish; it’s self-care.

You are the solution to your energy problem. That’s good news and bad news. Activate your daily recharge and maintain your energy. Start with clearing your physical space in three easy steps:

Step One: Gather the Necessities

You will need to acquire a couple of smudge sticks. These are dried herbs tied together. You can use sage, lavender, sweetgrass, lemongrass, etc. These sticks are inexpensive, for being such a powerful and helpful tool, and usually available at any “new age-y” kind of store, crystal shop, or bookstore.

You’ll need a candle or a good source of flame in case the smudge stick goes out while you’re working, which new smudge sticks sometimes do. When you get your stick, you’ll want to roll it between the palms of your hands a couple of times in order to loosen the stick a bit. If they are tied too tightly they won’t stay lit. of course, if they’re too loose, then they burn too quickly, so don’t crush them between your palms when you roll them.

You will also need something that you can use to fan the smoke of the smudge stick. I like to use a sacred feather tool, but a hand fan or strong, thick paper or even the back of a paper tablet will do. If you are using a paper product, its always nice to decorate it or infuse it with your energy,  desires or a picture.

I also suggest you have a container to carry under the smudge stick while you’re using it, as it will drop a bit of charred stick as you go along. I like to use a large alabaster shell that is sacred to me, like this one—but any item you are comfortable with (and that is noncombustible) will do. I prefer the shell as a symbol of water, to round out the elemental aspect: Fire from the burning smudge stick, the air from the fanning, and the earth from the herbs.

Step Two: Preparing for Smudging

I like to start at the “bottom” of the house and work my way up to the top level.

So starting at the lowest level of the space, sit down on the floor, light your candle and take three deep breaths, allowing your thoughts to clear and your inner, energetic body to expand more with each breath. Say a prayer for protection—whatever you feel comfortable with, that allows you to align with the Divine and prevents anything from coming between that alignment. If you are familiar with your personal protector or warrior guide, now would be a good time to call that Spirit in, if you don’t start learning more here. If none of this sounds like something you are familiar with or comfortable with, then simply call in Archangel Michael, which is never a bad move.

Or you can use my favorite prayer for protection:

I bring down a light of Divine love and protection and I draw a circle around me and my bodies.

Into the circle I place:

The white light of peace

The blue light of healing and

The clear, red light of energy.

I direct that nothing and no one shall come between me and my circle. And so it is. Amen.

Step Three: Get Started

Light your smudge stick from your candle. Let it burn about 30 seconds and then gently blow the flame out, like you would blow out a stick of incense, leaving a trail of smoke continuing to float up from the smudge stick.

Begin to “trace” the seams of each room with that trail of smoke. That means the floor to wall seam, the wall to wall seam, the wall to ceiling seam and the last wall to wall seam. As you won’t be able to actually reach each seam (i.e., the ceiling to the wall) you use the feather tool to send the smoke up to that seam, and I like to use the fanning tool throughout the whole process for each seam.

In addition to the seams of each room, you will also smudge the seam of windows, doorways (of rooms and closets) bookshelves and mirrors. By waving your smudge stick or with the fan, make the infinity sign on each stair of a staircase, over mirrors and over drains (sink, toilettes, showers, bathtubs, washing machines, dishwasher) the same way. This symbol is particularly helpful in corners or under furniture, or any other place energy feels “stuck”. If you know reiki, the first symbol is effect here.

After you complete each room, open a window or door opening to the outside and say the following phrase with authority and ownership, “Anything unaligned to my highest good, leave now!”. Wait a minute or so, or until you feel the energy has cleared and then close the window or door and move on to the next room or hallway.

Bonus points, if your windows open into a Parisian boulevard 😉

When you complete every room, closet, hallway, and staircase, your work is completed. Enjoy the freshness and lightness of your newly cleansed space. It’s always nice to seal the process with a prayer of gratitude for the spirits who assisted you and then release them from this assignment. If you are feeling as though you need to amplify your protection, you can always place a small trail of salt around the house or around the property. I also like to leave my smudging tools outside the front door as a symbol to any spirits even thinking about getting back in, but that’s more of giggle between the spooks and me!

Ritual helps you remember you are never alone. Incorporate simple tools like smudging and when you feel ready, move on to mantras, prayer, meditation, or journaling. A few minutes of mindful activity engages spiritual support and connects your spirit to the Greater Spirit. This support reminds you that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

You are never alone. You are always connected to Spirit. You are always supported. Feel your purpose, soul pulsation, and your connection to All That Is.

Read on to incorporate more ritual into your daily life: Ritual: Making the Everyday Sacred

Happy Smudging!

Love and Light,


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