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Love and the Beauty of the Unseen

Our external and internal lives have been given many lessons the past year, and although it seems the world has stopped—the exact opposite is true.

It’s in the Cards

The world is constantly changing. Tarot takes you out of the confusion and uncertainty of the world and clarifies your unique place and purpose in it.

Who’s the Boss?

You are the Boss Lady of You. You are the sole proprietor of your most precious resource: your energy and attention. You are that powerful!

Defining Yourself and the Art of Giving

Part of defining your best self is finding a way to rise above the uncomfortable moments, less-than-pleasant-emotions, and temporary realities. Giving is where that begins.

Cultivate Your Connections

It is a privilege to be here in Earth School as life goes by quickly, so stay present to enjoy and celebrate every ounce of life you can.

Fall is Spirit Season

This time of year is the half-way point between Summer and Winter Solstice—a time where a Sacred Gateway to the spiritual world opens.

Power Moves to Reset Your Mind and Soul

Learn three power moves to reset your mind and soul for times of discomfort, so you can see the beauty around you more clearly and live in the moment.

Taking Inventory: Integration and Investment

When you are uncertain about what the future holds, it’s natural to slip into a space of reflection. Taking a Life Inventory of the blessings and the regrets of your life is a beautiful way to see patterns, wrap-up lessons, and learn more about yourself and your place in the world.

Karma & Dharma

Though we are born perfect and pure, Earth School has a way of testing us, and no one is perfect all the time. Karmic and dharmic moments serve to elevate you spiritually and enlighten your present and future journeys. When your mindset is grounded in compassion, honesty, and (of course) beautiful and raw vulnerability, karma and dharma become your allies.

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