March Love Note: Change and Transition

march love note

March is upon us, ushering in continued change and transition. The contrast of light and dark, the yin and the yang of existence, is prevalent. Yet the year and energy of Love is abundantly building. You can see and feel it in the faces of the determined, the heroic, the peaceful, and the hopeful. Even as the dark side of humanity shows its face, leaving any and all of us feeling moments — or endless — overwhelm, hopeless, or grief and confusion. We wonder: How can I help? What can I do? When will this stop?

Remember that you can’t “fix” everything, especially when it comes to ego and darkness. You can offer assistance in the form of energy: pray, meditate a bit longer in the frequency of Peace, Healing, and Love. Pray for the innocent, donate if and where you can. Stand and speak up for what you believe in. Release what you don’t; lift your heart, soul, and energy up to your Creator, or that which is sacred to you. Send energy of healing and protection for those who are suffering, and clarity for those who are in the position to make choices that affect so many. Any and all of these acts will raise your vibration and the vibration of the recipients.

It may not feel like it’s enough, and it’s not nothing. It’s the butterfly wings that create the hurricane of change.

You can consciously make choices to be a positive force for healing and good in the face of pain and destruction. You are in charge of how you engage your energy.

In the words of Abraham Hicks, “You can’t suffer enough to save someone else.”

To assist you at this time, when you may be feeling anxiety and uncertainty, I’ve created this Breathing meditation just for you:

You, your devotion, and your humanity are a light in this world. That’s why it’s imperative you keep your flame lit and your spiritual body nourished. Never underestimate the power of your love and of collective energy.

photo by Alex Adams

There is so much going on behind the veil. When Earth School feels like a bit too much, remember that this solid earth-bound plane is only one part of the great big Universe. Spiritual support is within reach for you 24/7—a hotline to the Divine, waiting for you to call.

Love and Light,


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