Love and the Beauty of the Unseen


As we travel into the new year, much of the world is still spinning. The external and the internal lives you lead have been given many lessons during the past, and although it seems at times the world has stopped—the exact opposite is true. So much to absorb, learn from, heal within, and release. So much still to look forward to, plan for, hope and believe in. 

I hope during these days you have found a Spiritual center within—one that is full of compassion and self-love. Moment by moment, you move, breathe, and live. Some moments you do better than others. Let that be ok. That is the core of self-love: accepting all of you… your vulnerability, your quirks, your sadness, your playfulness, your unique spark, your messiness, your mistakes, and your triumphs. All of these moments add up to Beautiful You, who was brought here to give love and receive it. 

When you learn to navigate Earth School leading from your Heart Chakra, everything changes. Your words have new meaning because they come from a place of love. You are no longer afraid to say I love you, and you say it daily to the person you know best: You. When you tell your body and soul that you love it, you naturally vibrate that love to each and every person, animal, plant, circumstance, and encounter you are blessed enough to experience. Even the unpleasant becomes bearable because you know that each moment has meaning beyond the temporary annoyance or hurt. 

In the spirit of Love , I am offering my my Level One Tarot class on the sacred grounds of Esalen in Big Sur, California. Tarot is the language of Love, a direct line to the Divine. It is my go-to tool any time I am seeking clarity or guiding others to the clarity they seek. My class is playful, deep, transformative, and inclusive. 

To learn more about the history and meaning of Tarot, click here. And to read about why Tarot is so important at this time in our world, I invite you to read this.

And if you feel a calling in your Heart to join me and others as we journey into Tarot’s Sacred path, you can find out more about my upcoming class at Esalen, and join me here. 

“…always make space for the grace.”

You are Love, and You are Loved.

Love and Light,


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