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The world is constantly changing. Evolution demands it, humanity feeds it. This can leave you feeling off-balance many days, especially when you remember that collective consciousness is real. 2020 brought much chaos (that’s still lingering) and may have left you asking some very deep questions—maybe even uncovering a few soul-baring truths. 

This is because you too are in a constant state of change. You are ever-evolving, trying to find your place in a world that sometimes makes little sense. The world and actions of the people in it resonate within you because everything in Earth School responds and revolves around energy and vibration. And although you cannot control much of the external energy, you can become grounded and centered enough to navigate and pivot through it with calm, confident clarity. 


Through spiritual practices that support you, bring focus, help you stay centered, grounded, and clear. Could you use that kind of support right now? A tool that lets you know you are seen, heard, understood, and loved by the Divine? If so, I invite you to connect with the Sacred art and energy of Tarot. 

Tarot takes you out of the confusion and uncertainty of the world and clarifies your unique place and purpose in it. After the tumultuous events of recent-past, many are seeking a deeper meaning to it all, and anytime you find yourself asking “what’s going on? or what should I do? or… what in the world is going to happen?” it’s the right time to take out your Tarot deck and connect with your guidance. 

Tarot supports you as you explore and expand your ideas, questions, hunches, and uncertainties in every facet of your life, from career options, relationship concerns, life-path clarity, creative endeavors, dreams, goals, doubts, and opportunities. Yes, its reach is that vast. 

Tarot is my go-to when I’m coaching clients, guiding spiritual seekers, supporting friends and family, and navigating my own Earth School journey. Simply put, I could not do what I do, with the passion and love that I do it with, without Tarot. 

Many of you reading this may already have experience with and knowledge of Tarot. If that’s you, I hope you are leaning into its beauty and clarity as you navigate these days. Others reading this may simply be curious what Tarot even is, or wondering if it’s something you could learn? Know this: Tarot is here for you, wherever you are on your spiritual path. Everything you know is supported by its Guidance, and every wisdom you seek can be brought to you by its grace. Tarot is a direct line to the Divine. And your Guides love communicating with you from the Other Side via Tarot…

…Because Tarot is Joy. It’s joy through knowing, feeling, seeing, clarifying, and loving. Joy is coming to a place of loving your experiences, understanding their reason and purpose; joy is seeing a path unfold with a compass in hand. Joy is accepting that which you cannot change and knowing you are empowered with The Beauty of Tarot to navigate any situation with confidence and skills. 

One of my greatest Joys is sharing Tarot with open-hearted seekers like you. I invite you to explore my upcoming Level One Tarot class, March 2023, at Esalen, located in Big Sure, California. I hope you’ll join me in this deep-dive of Love and Connection. No matter where you are on your Tarot journey, we have the Sacred Space for you. Won’t you accept? Your invitation is here

Love and Light,


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