Who’s the Boss?


Things are a little intense right now—how’s that for an understatement?

If you sit down and list out all we have collectively taken in and experienced just in the past year, you may feel overwhelmed or angry. Well, there’s no need to make that list… you have your own situation you’re navigating, I have mine, and what we experience as challenging, upsetting, or abhorrent depends on our individual perspective. Sure, it’s important to reflect… but to let it consume you would be the wrong direction to take your energy. 

That’s because no matter who you are or what’s on your list… you are responsible for the energy you bring to ANY situation. Simply put (and we all need a reminder of this)—you’re the boss of you. This means instead of making a list of grievances and frustrations, consider how you will invest, direct, and be responsible for your energy and your attention so that it fuels you, not consumes you. You have to figure that out, and… you GET to figure that out. That’s what Earth School is all about—learning how to create a life you want, and part of that is taking challenges and turning them into lessons that will level-up your karmic footprint into this life and the next.

So, you’re not happy about _________ (you fill in the blank). Discussing it, learning more about it, seeking assistance or guidance with it are all helpful. Ranting in circles about it, not so much. Going down that road can be exhausting and even damaging. This isn’t a harsh judgment. It’s a reminder that the reason you can do damage to yourself energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is because your thoughts and words are that powerful.

Really. You are so powerful. 

When you’re stuck energetically, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually it’s like revving the engine of your car while being in neutral. You’re not going anywhere, you’re not progressing, but you are having impact: you are burning through a ton of fuel. Sound familiar? Hello sleepless nights, headaches, upset stomachs, mental distractions, frayed nerves….

You’ve got to be able to make a conscious choice. Acknowledge that: “Yes, I’m upset, hurt, furious, whatever… and I can still focus my thoughts upon what I choose.”

Remember that you are the Boss Lady of You. You are the sole proprietor of your most precious resource: your energy and attention. What is worth exchanging your life-force for? That’s the level I’m inviting you to live at.  In what ways and how will you engage with each person, platform, conversation, or monetary investment—big or small—to create your life, and your karma. You are that powerful, in every single moment of every day.

It’s that simple. It’s not easy.

Life is not supposed to be easy. It’s not supposed to be hard. It’s supposed to be precious and meaningful. Make conscious choices that make it so for you. If you need inspiration, I recommend Jill Bolte Taylor’s book, My Stroke of Insight. She is a brain scientist, and her book is a light-filled journey of recovery… not just from her stroke, but from life. Sometimes it’s important to dive into another’s journey to fully appreciate and recover from our own. 

No matter where this New Year finds you, remember that you are the powerful, magnificent, and perfectly imperfect Boss of You. Lead with your Heart, and you can’t go wrong. 

Love and Light,


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