Defining Yourself and the Art of Giving


Have you ever really sat down and contemplated who you are? What you stand for, believe in, need, or want? How you radiate and how you receive? What your legacy will be and if you are fulfilling your soul-contract and life journey? I know, for most of you these are deep questions, and it can be scary to turn the lens completely inside in order to evaluate and excavate your authentic self.

No matter what is going on in the world, it is a privilege to inhabit a human body. You may be weary, frustrated, annoyed, and down-right angry some days—a sure sign your Ego is flared and ready to fight. How many times this year have you thought you just couldn’t deal with another setback or disappointment, both globally and within the interior of your home and workspace (which for many is currently one and the same)? It’s imperative when you feel those emotions bubbling up you find a way to release them. And no, not through destructive or selfish behaviors… but, through Giving.

Yes. Giving.

Part of defining your best self is finding a way to rise above the uncomfortable moments, less-than-pleasant-emotions, and temporary realities. Giving is where that begins. Self-care is an essential way to give to yourself, and giving to others is just as necessary. In fact, just when you think you have nothing to give, I challenge you to give more.

It all comes back to energy. Like everything on Earth, it ebbs and flows and you have to keep the frequency flowing. Every thought you have comes back to you. Every deed you do does too. So when you find yourself at the edge of sanity or emotional safety, remember this: You still have choices.

Powerful, energy shifting choices that define you, inside and out. Instead of focusing on what you’re missing out on right now, ask: What can I give? Instead of feeling trapped and helpless, ask: What can I do? This turns problems into challenges that inspire solutions. So whether it’s giving to someone you see who is in need, calling up a young relative or friend and reading your favorite children’s story to them, collecting food for the local shelter, fostering a homeless fur-friend, or taking a walk and sending love to every person you pass on the street—these acts of giving vibrate out onto the planet and inward to your soul, feeding and replenishing your Energy. It’s that boomerang spinning and twirling—what goes out, comes back in. And if it is you that is needing support and energy, reach out and ask for the support you need. Earth School is hard, and we are all in this together. And the only way out is through.

Here’s some supportive news to help you navigate the dawn of winter: Solstice is coming (December 21st) and the Solstice energy, along with a New Moon, Full Solar Eclipse is here to help guide you deep within. It’s the longest and darkest night of the year, which requires you to turn on your Inner Light so that you can see clearly. This inner-illumination returns us all to that sacred space of Home—our calling, our purpose; the seeds we plant for the upcoming year, and for a 20-year cycle. It’s a time of dreaming and meaning. Walk fearlessly into your dreams. Following their path with intention, purpose, and curiosity illuminates the meaning—the meaning that is often only seen after the darkness lifts.

As the year closes, I hope you continue to grow deeper and deeper into the person you were put on this planet to be. When you are sure of and in touch with your Divine and Authentic self, nothing in the outside world can derail you from your Destiny.

Love and Light,


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