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Time is funny. Some days feel like weeks, and some weeks feel like a day. Here in the United States, we recently adjusted our clocks in the name of Daylight Savings. For many of you, this may have created some sleep issues and general mental fog or physical fatigue as you went about your day. Adjusting to that simple hour difference shouldn’t be that hard, right? Space and time have an intimate and intricate relationship, and we are all still learning. One thing I do know—regardless of the time or day—is that it is a privilege to be here in Earth School. Yes, even now, during a global pandemic, political tensions, and economic frailty, life goes by quickly, so you have to stay present to be able to enjoy and celebrate every ounce of life you can.

So how can you keep your spirits up when you’re tired or overwhelmed? Feeling drained isn’t always attached to moments of stress. Even joy can also deplete us—after the dopamine peak, there can be a crash. What goes up, must come down. It’s Universal Gravity. That’s something we cannot control. What you can control is how you choose to engage with the ever-changing world around you. 

Like it or not, we are all connected. This is such a gift, for when you truly embrace that, you have the power to shift the energy near you, which moves the energy of the world at large. Everyday interactions with family, your Beloved, clients, or strangers become opportune moments to elevate your vibe and send that energy through and out of you.

One of my favorite spiritual practices of this we are all connected truths’ is from Carrie, a dear friend who likes to put herself in a Love-Bubble as she moves through her day. She does this to seal her personal field and shine her healing-love-vibe out into the world. Everyone she comes in contact with gets a little “soapy-energetic-love-bubble-blessing” while she’s protected in her high vibe. In my mind, I picture her traveling like Glenda the Good Witch, floating through her day encased in her purple bubble. (It’s my vision, so of course, it’s purple!)

And, if someone’s having a tough day, Carrie will send out a Healing-Love-Bubble like a Harry Potter Owl. It doesn’t even have to be someone she knows, just someone she knows of—because she fully understands we are all connected. 

What will you create to embody this truth that we are all connected? How will you care for yourself, your tribe, and beyond? Now that you know we are all connected, you can’t unknow it. Truly, that’s part of what the pandemic is teaching us. How you respond to any given situation—physically, emotionally, spiritually, and emotionally—sets the stage for your current Earth School journey and your soul’s journey beyond. 

Love and Light,


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