Keeping Calm During Chaos


You have moments when you are not operating at your best; some days it seems no matter how high you try to keep your vibe, something or someone triggers you and you’re down in the muck of deep sadness, anger, or confusion. That’s ok. Basic physics teaches us that what goes up, must come down. The trick is to recognize when you’re free-falling. Then, instead of internalizing your external pain, you can double down on your self-care, keep your vibe high, and move along with your life living fully. 

Too many times we play small in the face of people who would bully us with judgments, or make fun of us, like little kids on a playground. That’s because when people are in pain they create pain. You see examples every day when people bully… whether it’s adults behaving badly at work by interrupting presentations or throwing their colleagues under the bus by speaking badly about them or cyberbullies literally terrorizing people.  

But innately, intuitively… you KNOW the bully is in pain. It can be challenging to reach out to address their pain, attempt to touch their humanity, but it is not required. Sometimes it’s not wise because you can’t engage and protect your high vibration. One thing you can always do is reach into your toolbox of self-care and sacred tools. Whether it’s an external source that is stirring up chaos, or an internal state of dis-ease that is dimming your light, taking the time to first acknowledge the source, then redirect your energy, is essential. That is how you maintain your light. That is how you raise not only your vibration but the vibration of the world around you. 

We live in a 24/7 world. There are triggers everywhere, and not everyone is playing on the same spiritual or intellectual field. This is not an insult, judgment, or an elitist mindset—we must recognize that each person we engage with, every human on this planet, is processing and discovering at their own unique pace within their life-journey. When someone triggers you, the best defense is having your offense (self-care and sacred tools) firmly in place. It can be difficult to resist the bait, engage in anger or revenge… but that only swells the negative energy that is trying to break through—feed the beast. 

So what can you do when you are triggered? As simple as this sounds, one of the easiest and most accessible tools is to stop, close your eyes, and take several deep breaths. With each inhale, activate compassion for yourself and others. With each exhale, intentionally release the negative emotions bubbling inside. Breathe in and out, as long as you need to, to cleanse your internal being. Remember you are human and negative emotions or responses are normal, just not necessarily helpful, and you get to choose your emotional state. This form of meditation is an extremely powerful way to keep your energy protected and your vibration high.

Processing the emotions you experience during stressful times can also be a great tool to cleanse and release. This can be achieved by journaling. Write down what has upset you and why you feel so upset. You can take your list and release it by burning it after, much like a full moon ritual. It’s all about releasing, letting-go, and keeping your mind-body-soul healthy, safe, and protected. 

Physical exercise is another tool to keep your energy and vibration operating at its highest. Go for a run, unroll the yoga mat, take a walk in nature, kick-box, swim, cycle… whatever physical outlet you prefer, do it. This gets your ya-ya’s out and resets your brain. 

Never underestimate the power of the spiritual world. When I am experiencing a moment of uncertainty or frustration, reaching out to the Archangels and my Spirit Guides has never failed to help me see clearly and feel immediate relief. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, reaching out to the energy of the Divine is the most sacred tool we can carry. The spiritual world is also at play 24/7 and is always there for you to tune in to.

If there is a conflict or injustice you are concerned about; a person or organization that is creating havoc or harm to you or the world, it is noble and natural to want to right this wrong. The way to do that is to “walk the walk,” not just talk the talk. Disengage from shouting, manipulating, seeking revenge, etc… and instead, span out and try to see what you can do to serve humanity in a positive way. How can you engage and activate your light so that your energy is focused on the good you wish to see in the world and in others? Is there a way you can serve through volunteering, educating, or having a deep-felt one-on-one conversation? Can you find the strength to send compassion to the person or situation that triggered you, thereby de-escalating the vibrational level of the situation as a whole? 

Self-awareness and self-care tools keep your body and mind operating at its highest vibration. This vibration radiates from within and sends so much needed healing and positivity into the world around you. The next time you feel yourself being pulled into a toxic or negative state, access and engage your self-care toolbox. And remember these wise words of Michelle Obama: “When they go low, we go high.” 

Love and Light,


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