Transitions: Navigating the In-Between


Spring is a time of transition. After a year of making so many transitions and experiencing a whole lot of “in-betweens,” we welcome this transition because Spring brings so much hope and possibility. The earth has been cold and quiet, but that does not mean it has been still. Much work has been occurring beneath the surface, preparing us for the gentler months ahead. This work beneath the surface mirrors what many have been experiencing—not only through this past winter but for an entire year.

The truth is, Earth School is in a constant state of motion, giving us lessons and pop-quizzes daily. And as soon as you think something is certain, the curriculum changes. Gratitude is one of the ways we can keep our minds and emotional bodies attuned to a state of ease and high frequency. Being thankful for the joys and support, both big and small, allows us to be hopeful during the challenges. This allows us to process what is happening, with the understanding that this too shall pass. Love is bigger than the challenges. Love and hope keep us expansive within our hearts and minds. We will rise up from the damage, with beauty and grace—much like the buds and bulbs hovering just beneath the surface, ready to emerge. This is the promise of Spring and renewal.

As I discussed in January’s Love Note, the only thing you can control is your energy. There is no room for you to allow fear to run the show when you are aware and attuned to the energy you bring to the planet.

Yet, we cannot ignore the fact that 2020 brought us much grief, fear, and contraction. As we venture into this Spring, you may find it helpful to write a letter to 2020. It can be addressed to yourself, the world, a particular person or situation, or a combination of the above. Write down all you wish to release—emotions, patterns, belief systems, regrets, mistakes, misunderstandings, misspoken words, etc.—and then burn it. Let it go. Give thanks for the lessons and move forward, honoring what was and honoring what will be.

We all know we are not on the other side of this pandemic yet. Much like the month of March, some days are cold and feel like winter; other days are warm and give you a preview and the promise of warmer, kinder days ahead. You may have moments of lightness and hopefulness and other times when it still feels like the “in-betweens.” Allow for both, without contraction, without fear.

Instead, take a moment and step outside. Observe the sounds, smells, and activity of renewal occurring all around you. Breathe this in and let it fuel you. Feel your own renewal to keep living your goals, dreams, hopes, and possibilities. Your soul’s journey is unique to you—and connected to the energy of the entire world. Go forth and bloom!

Love and Light,


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