What Stays. What Goes. Managing Your Transition.


As the world begins to reopen at different levels, ways, and capacities, you may find yourself wondering how you’ll engage with the outside world again. These thoughts may bring you stress, joy, or a complex mix of emotions.

Paying attention to your feelings—all your feelings—is an important part of the self-growth process. When you are aware of your emotional needs, wants, and ups and downs, you are able to navigate the world with more clarity and authenticity.

One way to honor this unique time in our world is to step back and reflect on the emotions you’ve experienced during the pandemic and lockdown.

  • What have you learned?
  • How have you changed?
  • What was valuable to you during this time?
  • What would you like to keep from this moment? 

Perhaps during this slow-down you rediscovered parts of yourself that were unavailable to you during the faster paced pre-COVID world. Getting revved up happens slowly, so it’s easy to forget how much you enjoy taking walks, working in the garden, having a morning or evening ritual, cooking and sharing dinner with your family more than once a week. What parts of this unusual time are available for you to savor and bring forward as we tiptoe back into previous routines and a new level of reality? What would you like to keep from this time? What are you ready to release? 

Take the time to drop those questions and inquiries into your heart and explore –

You may also experience disappointment in what you did not accomplish during the lockdown. Maybe you envisioned that you clean that closet out, create a vegetable garden, or finish your novel. You’d read more, meditate twice a day, sleep 8+ hours, and eat better. You were going to re-emerge a stronger, better version of yourself and that’s not what actually happened.

No matter where you fall on this spectrum… your mix probably depends on the day… even it feels like every day looks like the next right now, I know you’ve come out of this time changed. It’s impossible for anyone not to be. 

Releasing what was, honoring what is, and moving forward to what will be from your place of clean, clear energy is the key to navigating the future unfolding…whatever it will yield. You get to choose every day how you show up externally in the world. What supports your energetic intentions is how you show up for you each day, internally. 

As we navigate and observe the world with fresh eyes and changed lenses, you are still in charge of you. Honor all you’ve learned, the ways you’ve changed, and above all — be gentle, loving, and dedicated to yourself and your self-care to empower you for your ever-evolving soul journey. 

Also, if you are looking for support in cleansing your personal energy field of patterns, habits, blocks, and bs (think: worries, fears, blame, or shame) that no longer serve you… and you long to infuse your life with energy you actually desire then Activate Your Energy™ meditation program is for you.

I’ve used a variation of this exact meditation for decades as my personal daily practice, so I know it works. I’ve broken the practice into 4-lessons. Each lesson has three parts: a teaching part, a meditation part, and a reflection part. That way you can go to whatever part you want and revisit any part to support you managing your personal energy.

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Love and Light,


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