Self-care Exercise for Inner Freedom


The current call for physical distance creates an opening for powerful emotions to surface.

Along with worrying about your health, job security, loved ones, or just questioning the great unknown, you may be experiencing some deeply buried emotions bubbling up.

This is a natural response when we are forced into quiet. When we stop being so busy—going from here to there and back again—we are forced to look inward more. Yogis and Shamans and Seekers of all kinds often isolate themselves on purpose—shutting the world and its distractions out as a means to hearing their Inner Wisdom and connecting deeper with their Spirit Guides and Creator.

When these emotions bubble up, instead of pushing them down, let them linger. They are speaking to you, wanting you to heal within so that when you go back out into this beautiful world, you are stronger, more compassionate toward self and others, and more aware of what your true heart, feelings, and purpose may be.

Take time to journal*, it can be a sacred space to vent your anger, fear, judgment, and panic, but if you only using journaling for that you are missing the superpower of self-exploration it can excavate:

  1. What am I feeling?
  2. Why am I feeling this way?
  3. What’s the feeling underneath this feeling?
  4. When do I first recall experiencing this feeling?
  5. How is this feeling different for me now? How is it the same?
  6. How am I different now?
  7. How would I feel if I could feel different now?

Reflect, open your heart wider with your partner and friends. Turn this current state of contraction into emotional expansion and healing.

Make a promise to your soul that you will listen to her more and embrace the vulnerabilities that make you so beautifully human.

Love and Light,


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