Teachings of the Tarot—Follow The Sun


Last month I introduced Tarot to your monthly Love Note, and the response was overwhelmingly supported. That’s the beauty of Tarot… its teachings are ever-flowing and applicable to our collective stories as a whole. In particular, the Major Arcana cards represent major life-steps, invitations, and lessons available to us all. This month, we’ll explore The Sun card, and apply its energy to the mood of this moment in time

The Sun Card from Brenda’s
Beauty of Tarot card deck

The Sun reminds you of the many gifts of being human: laughter, music, art, sex, food, friends, family, fun, creation, movement, etc. So often, we forget we have access to this splendor in the present moment, and instead we only see how good a moment was when we reflect upon it later on. As summer and the sun, rolls into fall, the days get shorter and the temperature cools.

While this change of pace is welcome by many, you may also find yourself reflecting on how quickly summer went, reminiscing about the days spent leisurely soaking up the warmth of the slower summer vibe. Melancholy can set in as this reflection makes you contemplate what else it is in your life that you fail to appreciate while it’s happening. Let this be an invitation to live a little more in the present moment—right here, right now. This is a conscious choice, which takes effort and energy—one you are more than capable of, if you so choose.

Remind yourself that of course, this is not possible 100% of the time… you are human after all. But little habits of gratitude and awareness lead to big changes in perspective. Take a moment now and ask yourself: 

  • Am I living a life of gratitude? 
  • Who around me supports this mindset? 
  • What shifts can I make to invite a mindset of gratitude into my life more often? 

Right now, make a mental list of three things you are grateful for. Do this practice daily, and watch the list expand. I promise you, your vibration and awareness of the joys in the moment will expand as well.

I’ll start: Today I am grateful for the opportunity to teach what I love, spending time and exchanging precious energy with beautiful soul-seekers—most recently, during my Spirit Guide class at Esalen. I am thankful for my devoted and supportive partner, and my playful pup Lulu. Both of them bring great joy and essential earth-bound stability into my world. And, I am thankful for you—sharing these gifts of being human together, supporting one another as we remember to connect within and access the beauty that abounds here on Earth school, and in the sacred realms beyond.

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Love and Light,


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