Living in Harmony with Astrology—Libra Love


Libras are relationship and connection focused and consumed. Libras care deeply about showing up for the important relationships in their lives… which means all of them! It’s no wonder Libras are quite easy to get along with and are generally liked.

Libras are great mediators in the world because they can truly love humanity and can see every side of an argument. Because they are smart, articulate, and charming, they can disarm the most aggressive position with ease by gently meeting them where they are, thereby dissolving any need for defense or aggression. They value harmony and want everyone to feel good around them. They can speak with almost anyone because they value people individually and collectively. This is true magic in action. This is Libra energy.

Libras are great artists. They are sensitive to colors and aesthetics. Libras loves beauty in all forms. Color coordination is a particular forte`. Collecting is also a specialty. Fashion is central because they care about their personal presentation to the world, but home decorations are a playful palette as well. Accessories are a sheer joy—jewelry, shoes, scarves, glasses—it’s all endless play for the Libra. So you can see how Libra’s can be great branders or web designers: let me pull together a logo or campaign that represents you to the world with the exact impact you need.

Libra is a Cardinal sign, the “idea people” of the Zodiac. Cardinal signs like to be in charge, are immutable, and possess a great line of sight to whatever is “the right thing to do”. Because Libras value relationships above all else, they have super high standards for how they show up in relationships. They regularly sacrifice their own needs and desires for the “greater good” of the relationship. Keep in mind, sacrificing your own needs can only go on for so long until there’s a price to pay. We all know self-care is our own responsibility, no matter what sign you are.

Libras change their mind a lot—a classic trait of all signs attached to the Air element. Nevertheless, Libras don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable so often they’ll bury that feeling to keep the peace…which really isn’t peace anymore, is it?

If you must go up against the Libra, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight, come prepared: know your facts and present a clarified line of thought, and stay connected to your heart in the conversation, debate, or full-on argument. In the end, the Libra will always value relationships and connections throughout any conflict or challenge. However, don’t try to out-think them or outspeak a Libra. That’s a losing proposition. They have thought through every angle, considered every possible outcome, and calculated the odds. There is a reason the scale of justice and balance is the symbol for the Libra. Libras naturally make great lawyers, teachers, scholars, and leaders. Fairness, equality, and consideration for the greater good are key motivators for the Libra spirit.

If you are a Libra or are in a relationship with a Libra, it’s important to check-in with the Libra’s feelings to ensure needs are being identified, articulated, and met to avoid the “I’m annoyed because the feelings I’m not paying attention to and haven’t spoken are getting ignored” downward cycle. Anyone in a relationship with a Libra is totally rolling his/her eyes in recognition at that—it’s so real. Outside of a romantic relationship, Libras can feel a little lost. Of course, this is their greatest soul work: to get to know, honor, and care for themselves as well as they would care for their romantic partners.

We have a lot to learn from the Libras in our life. To harness and honor the Libra energy within your own heart, remember:

  • Beauty and Love are everywhere… claim it, celebrate it, and create it.
  • Be tolerant and compassionate with others, and true to yourself. Take time to identify, articulate, and take action for your self-care needs. When you do this, it benefits everyone and you keep love alive.
  • Seek balance and harmony in all your endeavors, and never shy away from expressing yourself, in both subtle and big ways.

Being able to really hear each person’s story as valid and important is a great unifying & healing gift of humanity. For this, we are grateful to the Energy and the Love Libras bring to the planet each and every day.

Love and Light,


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