New Moon Ritual

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There are many reasons to work with the energy of the New Moon. What I really love about connecting to the New Moon—feeling its pulse and energy with all my heart—is because the New Moon is all about Envisioning, Desiring, and Longing. These are our natural states. Connection, Inspiration and Growth are what defines us, and lead the way toward our personal vision, goals and path. So using the New Moons energy, and honoring it with ritual, amplifies the connection and heightens the energy required to manifest our best life.

When we take the time to create a ritual—to invite in the elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Air), we begin to live in harmony with the cosmic energy that is infinite.

In the days before electricity, the evening of the New Moon was a dark one, and therefore people stayed close to home because it was difficult to see due to the lack of moonlight projecting from the sky. In living in harmony with what is, a New Moon is an invitation to connect within and to take time for introspection, i.e “stay close to home.” Drop into your heart and ask: “What do I long for?” The Heart rules our Emotions, Water is the element our emotions connect with, the Moon rules Water; You are Water. See the Connection? It’s undeniable and strong.

Live and honor this balance as you call in the Elements. Acknowledge and gives thanks to our nearest cosmic neighbor in the sky as you plant seeds for how you want to impact your life—Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, Physically, Financially. What are you willing to put your energy toward? Where are you seeking expansion, growth and deeper harmony? Our life can wax and wane along with the Moon, but no matter where you are or what you seek, you can live in harmony with the cosmos and use their energy to support all your endeavors.

New Moon Ritual

Setting up Your Sacred Space

Placement of the Candles:

For a New Moon Ritual, place a white candle at each of the four directions (North, South, East, and West.)

A pink candle, the symbol of love, should be placed in the center.

Additionally, you can place a blue candle to manifest healing—physically, emotionally, financially or spiritually; and green for abundance—think new work, new home, financial blessings, in the center as well. It’s your sacred space, follow your heart, as long as you feel it, you can’t get it wrong.

The Elements, what they represent, and suggested supporting items for amplification:

East/Air – mental energy: feather, bell, or chimes.

South/ Water – emotional energy: a chalice, a photo of the ocean, etc…

West/ Fire – creativity, sexuality, and spirituality: colorful candles in the center, incense, photo of fireworks, and/or smudge stick.

North/ Earth – physicality, your body: crystals, stones, a plant or flower; anything from the Earthworks.

The Ritual

Light your white candles clockwise in this order, beginning with East. Now it is time for your Invocation. This is when you invite your highest connection to the Divine to be present in your space. I like to work with and feel connected to Angels, and use the following Invocation as I call them in to assist me: “I ask for the highest good to be present with me, to guide me, to help me clarify my path forward with the deepest intention of my heart. Guide and infuse your wisdom upon me, to create space for the grace and my experience on the planet. May my journey be a healing force for all sentient beings…” 

Meditate and Drop into your Heart. Listen to what speaks to you, and just breathe. Imagine a golden ball of light growing from within your heart field illuminating the next steps of your path, and guiding the way. Allow this light to cleanse, energize and renew your dreams for your heart’s desire.

Journal. When ready, capture any insights you saw, felt, heard or just knew from your meditation. Let this be a free-write, stream of consciousness flow, or draw or doodle. You can review later to see the patterns, shape, and message.

Give Thanks and Smile. Have fun with your New Moon ritual, and follow your intuition and add any further steps to heighten and enhance your sacred space. Follow your Flow. Personalization and freedom are yours to explore. The most important element to any ritual is an open heart and a desire to connect to the cosmic energy that is infinite and free.

Love and Light,


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