Living In Harmony With Astrology—Virgo Season


It’s Virgo time! It is no accident that this is the time of year where we switch to our “back to school” mentality—wanting to focus, organize, and be productive. This is the energy of Virgo!

Virgo is an Earth sign, which means they are naturally intellectual, analytical, focused and grounded. However, they are quite sensitive too. Earth signs can be either hyper-focused and aware of their bodies, or in complete denial of it. Virgo’s are typically one of these two extremes.

As kindhearted and loyal servants, Virgos often cross their own boundaries of self-care and self-awareness straight into martyrdom because they are so dedicated to service and productivity.

They have an awareness of and are sensitive to the cycles of the seasons. Because of their earthiness and body focus, they make great healers when they are balanced and can apply this sensitivity and attune to the world around them.

Health wise, Virgos can be very sensitive to allergies and digestive issues. Because of this, the Virgo season can be a good time for a dietary cleanse. It’s also a good time to de-clutter—your mind, your office, your closet, etc… You don’t have to take on your whole house (like many a Virgo would), just strive to focus on one area at a time and release what no longer serves you.

If you’re working with a Virgo and you notice they get rather intense this time of year, be extra kind and compassionate with them. Their biggest fear is that they’re not enough or they’re not going to do “everything right.” Virgos strive for perfection, innately knowing the right and wrong of the world. However, they often forget to stop and feel the beautiful satisfaction of releasing and completion.  That is because Virgos love the satisfaction of a job well done. And when a job is done, they move on to the next one. They love accomplishment and checking things off their list. It’s a little adrenaline hit every time they cross a task off their list. So during Virgo season, be mindful not to get so caught up in the details that you never reach that overall arching of “YES! This is complete.”

It’s super important to harness this energy of Virgo and make yourself a beautiful, balanced plan for the fall. Most importantly, make sure it’s scheduled and focused with breaks allowed for recharging and self-care because the Virgo burnout is real. In this energy, you can flame out and not get anything done, finding yourself resentful, angry, and your mind can go dark really fast. The trick is to make a reasonable plan. Set reasonable expectations: of your tasks, of yourself, and of others. Focus on step-by-step plans—ones that are very accessible without being controlling. You’re only going to be able to control what you plan, and chances are you’re going to need input and support from others. You can invite others into your ideas and goals, but you cannot control another’s process and thinking, and you have to be ok with that. Virgos strive to be the best and are often so good at what they do they expect others to be the same way. Therefore, they are often let down. During Virgo season, learn to enjoy what is: Every version of yourself, even the one that may or may not be living up to your own expectations and perfections. Adapt the mantra of: I AM ENOUGH.

…and then, do something sweet for yourself. Virgos love to look and smell good; they love adding that special flair when taking care of their bodies. Enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and remember to relax, smile, and have a little laugh… Virgos have a great sense of humor, and we love them for their loyalty, intellect, resources, and beautiful heart-of-service.

Love and Light,


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