Invest Your Energy Wisely


There are so many scenarios where you can end up entangled within yourself—no longer living your life—only reacting to what’s happening.

Life provides an endless variety of people, places, and things to get you swirled up. Whether something’s not happening in the “right” way, or maybe you expected a certain service or item or specific timing, and that didn’t happen. Or, some things just seem unfair: someone behaved unkindly or irresponsibly and disrupted your sense of peace. All of these are examples of where you can end up telling a story of dread or disappointment… that’s not the life you desired or deserve.

When things don’t feel right it drains your energy, distracts your mind, and hurts your heart. Depleted energy leads to underperformance in all of your endeavors, relationships, conversations, and actions. It ripples out into all areas of your life and takes your vibration down a couple of notches.

Know this: Life unfolds in uncertain ways. And it’s not always according to your every desire. Let that be the richness. Feeling unsettled or uncomfortable is normal. It’s ok. It’s a learning edge to help you grow and find your center again.

Of course, that just gives you more reason to celebrate when you’re in the flow! Everyone loves that magic!

And yet, in those moments of complete ease, you are not accessing your powerful creativity muscles. When everything is going smoothly, you are coasting and resting a bit—which is great! But it’s not where you create. It’s not when you grow.

Conversely, when you find yourself in moments of frustration—failure, chaos, disappointment, heartbreak, “train wreck”, and so on—your brilliant problem-solving skills kick your creativity into supreme action. And in some ways, you are truly operating at your best in your most difficult situations—but you’re unable to see and tune into that magic because you keep reliving what “happened to you”. There’s unlimited creative power available to you in these moments—if you choose to use it.

The trick is to “flip the script” and honor all the lessons of your experiences and learn to invest your energy in the most beneficial way, so you can ride the waves as they come without being knocked down. Subtle shifts in perception are how you can create a garden within that strengthens and nurtures your growth and healing. I’ll share with you an example of how to ‘flip’ your internal script and reclaim your power:

I have a student, Megan, who came to me very upset because one of her coworkers, Jennifer, whom she trusted as a colleague and considered a friend, had stolen her ideas for a project and used them for her own gain without giving Megan any credit.

Megan felt betrayed and went in full retaliation mode telling anyone who would listen about Jennifer’s betrayal. I asked Megan, “Have you spoken to Jennifer about this?” She said “No.”

First, I reminded Megan she was one of the most creative people that I know; that I have witnessed her pull impossible solutions out of thin air over and over again. So even if Jennifer was inspired by one of Megan’s ideas, she had abundant creativity available to her that Jennifer could never drain.

I challenged Megan to talk with her colleague/friend and share her concerns. Maybe they could come to a better understanding of the situation and begin to mend any hurt or damage.

Until Megan could gain more clarity on the situation, I asked her to tell me a story… about her endless creativity and what possible learning could come from where she found herself now? What story could she see about how this experience and emotional minefield inspired her own growth, healing, and helped her reclaim her power?

Megan had created a powerful tale of betrayal—all on her own—without full information, so I knew she had the creativity to “flip the script” and spin an equally powerful tale of her healing and empowerment.

Be mindful of the stories you tell yourself (and others) when you are challenged in small ways or taken to your knees in despair. Tell the stories about what you want—how you are creating, energizing and reinventing yourself. You are feeding your life experience with every telling of your story… no matter what version you tell.

How you invest your energy is up to you. You can use your energy to fuel worry, discord, heartache or anger, or you can use it for creativity, problem-solving, growth, and self-love. Stay present. Instead of allowing external situations to define you, tell your new stories—pull your energy back and use it to take ownership and create the life you want. Access your creativity and your abundance, because it’s all right there for you.

Invest your Energy wisely.

Love and Light,


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