Dropping into Your Heart Center


Sometimes you find yourself feeling the pull between a purposeful life and a reactive one.  Have you often had the experience of saying yes to a commitment, but really wanting to say no? Or do you participate in activities out of sheer obligation and not out of joy? Predictably, in the end, you are drained, cranky and a little resentful. It’s not worth it.

This leaves you asking the question, “How do I build a life that I love?” Harvard trained Brain Scientist and author, Jill Bolte Taylor says, “You are responsible for the energy you bring to this place.” What’s the energy you bring to your life? In all of the possibilities of each day, which energy patterns are you activating?

No matter what your “planned approach” to life is, adaptation and awareness of the energy behind your actions is the key to survival—and success. Those pivotal points are critical opportunities to stop and check-in with your heart, your intuition, and your inner knowing. Without regular check-ins, a short series of quick reactions can lead you outside of yourself, far away from the life, you envisioned. In those moments, the pathway back to your true self can feel lost.

Your ability to pivot and redirect your focus comes down to awareness of your patterns and intentions, and the energy you fuel both with.

This may seem a bit simplistic or even little depressing, but it’s what all of the books on brain processing say, and what I’ve personally found it to be true: our lives really come down to our repetitive patterns. What we do over and over becomes a habit, those habits become our patterns, and those patterns become our lives.  

So when life happens and we have to pivot, our ability to stay connected to our dream and purpose has to be a top priority. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get distracted by everything else. The questions to ask are: “Can I forego the smaller things for the sake of the greater?” “Can I prioritize with purpose?”

If you’re in a reactive state, those answers are no.

Getting into the habit (pattern) of regular “check-ins” is one way to live your life with intention. Stop for a moment (that literally means be still, put down your phone) and drop your attention into your center / your heart field.  Truly feel what it’s like you when you examine that idea or emotion you are stuck on. Feel it. Put the idea of that specific activity, topic, person or place into your heart, and focus your energy there.

Now breathe. How do you really feel?

Do you feel a positive energetic engagement or charge? If YES: This activity, topic or person feels right and supports /enhances your bigger purpose. Conversely, does the energy sort of dissipate/feel flat? If so, that’s your NO. Take a pass.

You are worth taking a few breaths to check-in with that’s right for you. If you can make this one of your habits or practices (patterns!) you will stay on course toward living your dream, keeping your energy high, and living a life with purpose. As Jill Bolte Taylor might say, “You lived a life being responsible for the energy you brought—not only to your life but to this planet.”

If you find yourself seeking deeper support consider this.

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