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Wow—we have a busy month in store for us cosmically: Mercury has gone retro, the Gemini full moon was a Supermoon, and Neptune comes out to dance and play amidst both. As if December wasn’t full of enough activity already…

On your mark, get set, let’s dive deeper into…

Mercury In Retrograde

Mercury rules our communications—including our contracts, our electronics, and technology, so therefore—if you haven’t already done so already it is always a good idea to back up your gadgets and make sure you have the latest software installed in preparation for Mercury Retrograde. But I’d like to discuss the other aspects of what Mercury in Retrograde brings—some of the often unthought-of gifts and opportunities this cosmic time period can transport into our consciousness if we remain aware and allow it to. There is a reflective aspect that is very heightened during the three weeks Mercury is in retrograde. And it’s interesting that this time around, the retrograde comes during the end of the year—when we naturally tend to be more nostalgic and thoughtful. Being the planet that rules communication and words in a retrospective, backward-motion way, we want to take advantage of that retrograde energy and be reflective on what’s taken place during the past year, instead of looking forward. I encourage you to pause at this time and take inventory, to reassess, to ask yourself: what could I have done differently last year? How and where could I show up stronger? been more clear? or perhaps even softer to achieve my goals?

When Mercury is in retrograde it can be a difficult time to think about moving forward and creating, and that’s ok because it makes sense. Most people are very quick to want to jump into next year—asking and wondering what am I going to do next, what are my goals—and that is obviously compelling. But to jump into next year’s goals without reflecting on what worked, what didn’t work, along with what was satisfying and what spoke to your heart…you’d be missing an opportunity to dive deeper, to re-explore emotionally what felt good and then realize what you need to shift to create more of that. So it’s not about what was successful and what wasn’t; it’s more about asking what did I learn, and what would I like to create more of and what would I like to surrender and move on from completely.

Making the investment to slow things down during this time, even effortless things such as slowing down your speech a bit so your thoughts have more space to mingle is a graceful way to be more in the present moment. Or, if you’re a runner, deciding to walk your normal route a few times during this period can give a fresh calming perspective and perhaps provide some clarity in an area of your life you’re struggling with. Make time to savor a bath instead of rushing through a shower; handwrite a message instead of typing into a keyboard…going a little “old-school” during these three weeks can be really helpful—for when we can slow the outer mind and body into the reflective (Mercury) mode, our intuition can go up—and there’s a lot of richness and magic there, and that’s when you are in harmony with the cosmos.

Full Moon in Gemini

(aka I’ll Take My Supermoon with a Twist of Neptune, Please)

The full moon on the 3rd was a Supermoon, which means the moon was very close to the earth. When we have a Supermoon the tides really get affected…they swell. Knowing that we are just a reflection of Mother Nature and that there’s this element of our emotions represented in the body as fluidity, our emotions are also heightened during a full moon. Things can feel a little overwhelming (waves crashing in) so it’s important to stay grounded. If you have any intense situations you need to be discussing or supercharged conflicts you need to resolve, make sure you’re not doing it during the time just before, during or right after the Supermoon. Take a “hall pass” so-to-speak and use the Supermoon energy to contemplate and hold in your heart the questions or conflicts you’re having. Think: what’s the best outcome I can hope for? Imagine and anticipate the best and most genuine solution, whether it regards a partner or a spouse; a manager or a team or an employer. Give yourself the “grace of space” if possible during this time.

With emotions high, there’s a strong effect on the psyche during the Supermoon. Gemini represents logical, rational and hyper-verbal aspects, but we also have a strong Neptune position here that counteracts all of that. This is a great time to make space for your creative interests. Neptune is all about high-vibration, high-frequency, and the mind of god…it really is the higher-octave of Mercury so it can play well with the full moon and Mercury in retrograde. Neptune is positioned to connect and bring the oneness in, and is so this is a great time for deep, deep meditation.

It’s also an ideal time to consider what arts you can take in…whatever ignites your soul, makes you feel in the flow and connected to the beauty of the world around and within you. Pay attention to the communications you’re receiving. What inspires you? Stop for a moment and think about the word Inspiration. In-Spirit. That’s your spirit talking, letting you know what it likes and needs. Listen to it.

On the flip side, a note of caution: Neptune also likes to reveal what is not seen… what’s not being true? So if during this Retrograde / Supermoon time you’re experiencing difficulty with communicating, try this exercise: when speaking with someone, close your eyes, and be aware of how what others are saying feels in your body. Let their words land in your heart and your belly. Does it feel solid and true? Or muddy and unsettled? Then trust the answers given to you intuitively. And of course, in your own communications, speak with clarity and integrity as well.

When Mercury is in Retrograde I strongly recommend you work with the Sixth Chakra. This will help to keep your mind clear while we’ve had the Supermoon amplifying everything. Your Sixth Chakra is also known as your Third Eye, which is found in the space between the eyebrows and is the center of your Intuition. I like to use my Etheric Hands to sweep through and over the front and back of the Sixth Chakra. I often visualize and paint a rose there, for roses are very mystically and mythically charged. Play around, see which visualizations work best for you. By slowing down both physically and mentally, and through visualization and meditation, you’ll be better equipped to go thru the layers of your emotions to ultimately get to the intuition of your thoughts, allowing your words and actions to flow as clear as possible as we make our departure out of this most interesting year.

This time in the cosmos is beautiful… a dazzling (and often whirl-winding) triune marrying three unique and powerful forces: Mercury, a Gemini Supermoon, and Neptune. Honor and harness their combined energy and use it to help guide you in your time of reflection.

Love and Light,


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