The Ghost Photographer and the Importance of Self-Acceptance & Love


When a friend, family member or colleague reaches a milestone of success and growth, how does that make you feel? Does another person’s happiness leave you inspired and curious about how they got there, or does it make you jealous or sad, because you’re not sure what the path is and how to begin your own journey of creative discovery?

This I know to be true: When we embrace and welcome the unconditional love from the Spirit world, EVERYTHING is possible. Support and Love from Spirit is always there, waiting and wishing for you. And if you’d like to read an amazing book about one woman’s journey of growth and spiritual discovery, I highly encourage you to pick up Ghost Photographer, by Julie Rieger.

I’m so proud of Julie for publishing this book and sharing her story. She’s a beacon of light encouraging you to bring your own ghost stories, pipe dreams, and creations out into the world! And, it’s a super fun and heart-warming read too! She’s a gifted storyteller.

When I met Julie she was grieving the passing of both her Mom, and her dear friend. I explained to her that there’s no spiritual by-pass for grieving, but there is an easier path toward healing. After a group reading with me and follow up consultations, Julie was introduced to the Spirit world in a deeply personal way, and her world was never the same.

Today Julie is a friend of mine, yet I was humbled to discover much of what we’ve explored together served as the foundation of her story. Julie has always inspired me with her giant heart, fierce ability to love, and committed passion in whatever she’s doing. I was touched to read of the impact our friendship had on her, and how doing what I do had inspired her too.

Of course, those powerful connections of the heart prove that when the magic is meant to be, the Universe always finds a way to bring people who are open and ready together.  

When you honor your gifts, which is one of the most powerful ways to honor the Creator, your fear and self-judgment begin to melt away. When you practice self-love and self-care, the spiritual world opens up to you in more dynamic ways—and you are met in return with love and support. It’s the great boomerang of energy-exchange, and all you need to do is show up with an open heart.

 Julie’s gift of being able to see the spirits that live and swirl all around us could have been met by great Fear. She could have slammed the door shut and denied herself this wonderful and sacred ability. Memories of what could have been would most certainly have followed her through the rest of her life, wondering “what if, what if, what if…” If you find yourself in a similar space, whether it be in love or work; family or creative passion… I hope you can make the shift and open your Heart to your unknown and known talents. This is the ultimate form of self-care: the great thank-you to the Divine.

Julie didn’t put any limits on her gifts, she remains open and nonjudgmental. She didn’t wake up and quit her day-job as Hollywood Studio Executive in order to roam the world photographing spirits. And she didn’t have to convince everyone in the corporate world that Spirits exist. She found a way to blend her gifts and make them work for her.

So often we feel in order to make a shift and express our Love or Creativity, we must abruptly leave our current lifestyle. This is a self-sabotaging theory because it immediately creates panic and a feeling of impossibility. The trick is to remain childlike in your journey and bring the Spirit into what you are both currently doing and working to manifest. Though this may seem like a difficult process, and at first a little hard and scary, it’s exactly where your growth occurs. It leads to that moment of beautiful freedom, where you shed your judgment of yourself, and more importantly, the judgment you both project onto and feel from others. To be fearless in your growth, love, creative endeavors, and to follow your intuition as if it were the light through the path (which it is!) brings freedom and a joyful existence to life.

Give yourself that permission. Be curious. Be open-hearted. Be fearless in your pursuit of what calls you and what you don’t yet understand. Unlock that box of unexpressed desires and love yourself during the sometimes messy process. Gifts you’ve buried, and those still unknown to you, are waiting to be released into this world. Stay open, flexible, and strong. Have a little fun, and go with it…

And possibly grab your camera. Who knows what you may see.

Love and Light,


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