Living in Harmony with Astrology — Sensuous Scorpio


Welcome to the Fascinating, Mystical, Intense and Sensual world of Scorpio.

Scorpios are super-intense, and depending on how they’re wired, that can bring either great focus, or major distraction. Often quiet and seemingly reserved on the surface, Scorpios have this whole internal world going on. That is both their zing, and their sting.

Scorpios love secrets. They love their own secrets, and they love other people’s secrets too. They love things they can take underwater and spin around with, that only they know about. And they will keep these secrets forever. For this reason, and more, they can be great therapists and counselors. You can rest assured that whatever you tell a Scorpio, they will keep private, no matter what.

Scorpios are inherently psychic, intuitive, and because they are governed by the Water element, malleable. They have whole different chapters in their life because they are so mutable. Think about a book where each chapter highlights a different character. Now, imagine discovering at the end of that book each character was actually the same person. That would be, A Scorpio.

It’s true that Scorpios have a stinger. They make excellent business people because they intuitively know how to plan for the unexpected. But this stinger can come back around to bite them in the butt. Scorpios simply will not, and cannot play by the rules. Incredibly creative and sensual, they don’t even care what the rules are because they will intuitively find their own way through them. Their sting also serves the purpose of keeping people at bay. That way, they can keep people from finding out all that they know.

Brilliant, deep, intense and passionate, and with their own way of doing things, Scorpios can be disorienting to be around. They love their sexuality and love ‘vibing it up” energetically, just to see what you’re made of. There is no topic too deep, dark, rich or taboo for a Scorpio. They want to “go there.”

When relaxed and comfortable in their environment, they can be an incredible amount of fun. Fiercely protective and loyal, you do not want to cross a Scorpio by harming someone they love. They can also be tortured because it’s tiring trying to constantly out-run your own thoughts. So much is happening beneath the surface, Scorpios walk the tight-rope hovering above current life reality and their own underworld.

Anything that’s shadow in our world, they dive into. They love the underworld. They are quite at home there. This is the energy they give: they are comfortable in any situation. Even if they do not give a lot of words on the subject, internally they are digesting, processing and filing any and all new information into their database.

To harness Scorpio energy in your life, be bold, brave, unafraid and unassuming. Honor your own magnetism and sensuality. Take risks and do not be afraid to re-write the rules. Show dedication to your friends and family by allowing them to trust you with their deepest desires and needs. Listen carefully, and go with your gut. Scorpios possess a power many of us envy. And that power is not displayed openly. There is no brash bravado with a Scorpio.

If you need a dose of intensity in your life, grab a Scorpio. But not too tight, and make your presence and intention known first. That stinger is fierce.

Love and Light,


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