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They say the veil between the Earthly world and the Spiritual world is very thin during this time, giving us full access to the invisible, spiritual energy which transcends the physical plane that we inhabit here on Earth. Whatever you call it—Halloween, the Day of the Dead, Samhain—there’s excitement around, inspired by the magical thoughts of Ghosts, Spirits, loved ones who have passed, and the door to the Otherworld opening. This is a very electrifying and magical time.

This time of year is the half-way point between Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice—a time where the nights are getting longer in the Northern Hemisphere and the days are getting shorter. There’s a Sacred Gateway to the spiritual world opening, and all of Nature invites us to “turn inside.” Think of it as snuggling up to your Soul to consult the guidance within.

During this time of year, when you dive deep inside the darkness and honor your inner guidance, the Spiritual world is ready to rise up and meet you, in real and tangible ways. It’s your responsibility to cultivate that relationship, which requires belief in the Magic within. Then you are able to see and feel the Magic all around, and call out for guidance and support from the Spiritual plane. The Metaphysical world is one of Magic that requires faith and trust in the unknown. The guidance, love, healing and support being offered by the Spiritual world is endless, generous, and accessible to you not only during this time of year, but each and every day.

The message in all of my posts and blogs centers around the essential need for Self-Care: honoring your inner guidance, finding balance, managing your energy, following your intuition, setting boundaries… Because how you manage your own energetic and magical forces dictates what you’re able to access, engage in, and manifest here in the physical world.

In order for us to be able to access that Magical threshold, we have to be able to manage and maintain our energetic world: our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical resources—the essence and energy that moves through us and becomes us. The Magic we possess within is just as real as our physical bodies and undeniable emotions. And the way to recognize and access this magic fully is through self-care.

Dedicate yourself to setting aside time to honor and listen to your inner guidance. Close your eyes and remember love ones who have passed, dreams you have set aside, the young child you once were. Feel your Heart energy as it shifts during this practice. What is your Soul trying to communicate to you? What are your ancestors begging for you to understand?

By doing this, your heightened Spiritual State will reward you and remind you that this life was meant to be energetically charged—full of Love, Passion, Happiness, Wisdom, Joy, Healing, Creation, Play, and Abundance. This energy, when it crosses that veil between worlds, reminds us that “there’s something special going on here.” Carl Sagan called it Synchronicity: when we cannot explain how the world is lining up, we just know it is, and it’s Magical.

When you welcome in that spaciousness within yourself, you create an environment and space for the Universe / Spirit World / Divine to enter in and present opportunities and blessings; you usher in healing in your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional domains. Bringing in your Light without second-guessing your gifts, calling and intuition… that is Magic. And all of it happens in an amplified way when you tune in to self-care and your spiritual practices.

Much of life can be a Spiritual practice when you bring forth that intention. Cooking a meal, working in the garden, going for a run, calling an old friend… anything you bring your loving energy into becomes a Sacred ritual. Although they are beautiful rituals and well-proven paths to a magical life, it doesn’t always have to be meditation or yoga or mantras. There are unlimited ways to tap into the beauty and magic that is your own sacred and special path.

This is time to tune-in. This is the time to unfold and release and prepare for the next leg of your journey. This is the time to stop and take a look around, and within. This is the time to Believe.

This is the time to Bring your Magic.

Love and Light,


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