Living In Harmony with Astrology — Sagittarius (Light it Up!)


The Sagittarius Energy brings Fire. Sagittarius Energy plays big, bursting with tremendous passion for what fuels and ignites them. They are strong, self-assured, sexy, creative and fun; inspired, impulsive, intuitive, excitable, and passionate. Sagittarius live life large, have big voices, are quite gregarious, and can fill the room simply with their presence. They are quick-witted, clever and charming. When in the company of a Sagittarius, you may find yourself smiling more than usual. Fire is warm, and we are drawn to and enchanted by it.

Sagittarius loves engagement, playfulness, and banter – speaking honestly for whatever they think is True. Truth, in whatever form it presents itself, is a pillar of the Sagittarius Spirit. This truth can shift as more information and experience is gathered, because Fire cannot be contained, and neither can Sagittarius Energy.

Sagittarius doesn’t care what others think, saying what often first comes to mind, speaking with bluntness and authority. This Fire Energy searches for opportunities to ignite situations, seeking to awaken and engage your fire too.

Sagittarius are allergic to social guidelines—their job as they see it is to be a truth seeker and speaker. Conformity is like a spiritual death to them. They look for ways to disrupt the status quo. This is when they feel most alive. If they know they aren’t supposed to do or say something, they will… because that’s part of the fun now isn’t it?

Sagittarius loves adventure and can turn any situation into a spiritual quest. This is because they seek to understand the giant “whys” of Life. It’s a game they love to play— why am I here, what is my purpose and passion in the situation, why are we here as a whole/humanity? What is the meaning? What, is the great Truth?

Of course, every sign has its struggle. For Sagittarius, they need to watch out for burn-out and combustion. They can often fail to see the Sacred and the meaning (the very things they seek…) and the Magic of the Mundane. And sometimes, when their Energy is off-balance, they will run from that magical stillness because they are afraid their big purpose in Life isn’t real. This is their biggest fear. Therefore they can confuse living large with unnecessary drama… if you know a Sagittarius you know they have quite a few dramatic stories to tell— situations and experiences that a typical person would not come out alive from. Yet Sag lives to tell the story, and in retelling kicks it up a couple of notches for the flair, the fun, and the impact.

They love engaging in anything fiery: Creativity, Sex, Passion, Love, Transformation, Innovation, and above all—pure and raw Energy. If it is not fun, playful, or impactful, you’re going to have a hard time getting a Sag to show up. They know that life is a great comedy, and the only tragedy is to forget to laugh, especially at yourself.

To harness the intoxicating and powerful Sagittarius Energy, remember that laughter will always bring you to your heart. That your play is your purpose. That life is big and beautiful and we need to claim it. These are the lessons Sagittarius brings, wrapped in a warm bubble bursting with playfulness and fun.

If you have a Sag in your life, hold them and their big Heart with steadiness, ease, gentleness, and grace, so that they can run free and burn the place up. Let them know that they are always loved, in both their chaos and their stillness. That they are loved for who they are, not just for what they say or do. That they are perfectly imperfect, a living embodiment of The Great Divine Love, celebrated and cherished for always being Real and True.

Love and Light,


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