Simple Ways to Connect with Summer Solstice Energy


Happy Solstice! It’s officially the first day of summer and the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. Our world is awash with light!

The Sun symbolizes the power of ignition and transmutation. This massive ball of fire we orbit around is the source of our life on this planet. Connect with sunlight today and create your own ritual of renewal, creation, and transformation. You are the source of your own transformation.

Tapping into the Summer Solstice energy can be as simple as lighting a candle as a symbol of your connection to the sun and journaling ways you’d like to bring changes into your thoughts, words, and actions.

You can also create a deeper ritual: stand on the earth in bare feet and extend your hands to the sky, palms open, to feel the heat and energy of the Suns distant fire. Take a deep breath in and envision an ignition in your heart for your dreams. Exhale slowly while you bring your palms together. Trace the middle line of your body with your hands in this position. Pause and rest your hands at your heart. Breathe in slowly, imagining your vision manifested. Feel the energetic connection to your vision throughout your body. Bring your palms to your mouth, as you slowly exhale the energetic seeds of your vision out to the world to take root.

Connecting is your way to align, honor, and feel the Universal Flow on this most powerful day.  As you magnify your own light, you supercharge the light in our universal community.

Love and Light,


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