June Love Note: The Power and Purpose of Play



The onset of summer is the perfect time to remember that you are an empowered part of creation, one that is able to access joy and warmth from within, no matter what external circumstances come your way. The sun is shining, the waters are warm, the light is lingering longer—beckoning you to relax and take a moment to smile and breathe.

Given the continued state of disruption and uncertainty the world seems unable to shake, many of us have forgotten our power. This is why your energetic choices matter so deeply. They are meaningful, impactful, and vibrate exponentially. In the spirit of summer, Gemini season, and coming out from Mercury Retrograde, one of your biggest and most accessible power-moves right now is: play. Yes… play. 

Play is a part of self-care many of us have forgotten, or feel guilty participating in. But it is crucial to your wellbeing, and fully supported at this time, both by Mother Nature and the cosmic forces above and beyond. Play balances your energy and reactions to the heaviness of the world, and keeps your spirit from sinking. It’s joy tonic for your soul and your nervous system. Think about this: if you, as a caregiver of children or fur-babies, prohibited either from playing each day, what would happen? How would they respond emotionally, mentally, and/or physically? What kind of vibe would your environment contain? I’m going to guess it could range from boredom, to depression, to lethargy, to frustration and aggressive tendencies. That’s because every species needs a playful release. Our brains, bodies, spirits, and moods depend on it. And if you have guilt associated with play, remember this: what you create inside and energetically, is reflected back out toward everyone and everything around you. What energy do you want to give to this planet, right here, right now? What vibe do you want to carry and radiate? 

You are given the choice and free-will to decide who you are, what energy you’re going to bring to the planet, and how you’re going to respond to situations—every. single. day. Take some time and think about what ‘play’ means to you and the ways you can incorporate more of it into your life. Instead of thinking of it as an indulgence or afterthought, consider it an obligation to support and uplift the planets vibe, which is always needed and appreciated. Encourage this spirit of play with your friends, family, and our community here by sharing what types of play you enjoy (in-joy!) the most. 

With Love, Light, and a Playful Spirit, 

Brenda Rose

Love and Light,


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