Living in Harmony With Astrology – Gemini Play


The Sun is in Gemini! When you’re working with Gemini energy you have to speak fast, move fast, and think fast. You have to be able to keep their pace—which is quick, gregarious and fun.

And if you can’t keep up (let’s say you’re more of the earth sign energy) all you need to do is sit back, strap yourself in, and let them drive the car so-to-speak. It’ll be a fun journey, whatever the destination. This is because Gemini likes to move, move, move! 

Curious and quick, they flip from one topic to the next—because life is a buffet and they want to take a bite of it all. Their minds are vast and endless, just like their energy. They are always happy to share with you everything they know about any topic, presenting their perspective in such a convincing, charismatic and engaging way you will believe they are The Expert. Natural storytellers—completely engaging, mesmerizing, charming and disarming— magical energy happens all around the Gemini. It should come as no surprise that as part of their movement, this energy loves (and needs) to travel, making an impact wherever they go.

Gemini is best when left to their own pace and space, unrestrained by other’s schedules, deadlines, or expectations. This does not mean they want to be left alone. Au contraire! They want to razzle-dazzle, shine and entertain. No need for you to entertain or engage a Gemini with your wit and duality… that is their job thank you very much.

Speaking of duality… with Gemini energy, what you see isn’t always what you get. Like a great magician, the tales they weave are not always true to the reality they live. Imagination and Technicolor embellishments rule this curious and fun-loving energy, which means they may not always be grounded in fact.

Gemini play is one giant improvisational gala. When you’re in it or around it, just sit back and enjoy the show. And harness Gemini energy for your own good—when you’re embarking on a new learning opportunity, travel, adventure, or simply need a dose of childlike fun, curiosity, and wonder. 

Love and Light,


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