The Divine Masculine


The Quintessential Patriarch, the Universal Father, the Sacred energy that radiates true masculine expression and energy. That is the Divine Masculine.

A strong, loving, and independent protector, the Divine Masculine moves through this world with integrity and strength—centered in thought and action. Its core energy is stability and decision making. These decisions affect and support many, with a lens of protecting the greater good as the basis of his actions. The true Divine Masculine has no need to resort to retaliation, authoritarianism, or deception as a motivator for action. If attacks are ever launched, they are done out of protecting loved ones or in service of something greater, not ego, not revenge. 

Confidence, stability, and strength are his power centers—never fear. Therefore, when in the presence of true Divine Masculine energy, you feel protected, loved, honored, and respected, and in return, he feels authentic respect from you. The Divine Masculine is the counterbalance to The Sacred Feminine / Empress energy of the Universe. He provides the stable earthly grounded platform that frees her to thrive—so that she may cultivate her creativity, her nurturing, and manifesting energy to share with the world. With the foundation of the Sacred Masculine, the Sacred Feminine freely radiates unconditional love, healing, and abundance on the spiritual level.

In our current society, there is much confusion and untruth as to what embodies masculinity. This creates frustration and anger among men and women, for they know intuitively what the Divine Masculine truly is, yet all around they see what it is not. Imbalanced masculine energy that is not divine is controlling, rigid, egotistical, manipulative, violent, entitled, and offended by those that do not bow to him. This imbalance and the actions/mindsets it creates lead to anger and rage. True Divine Masculine energy springs from Love, compassion, strength, and awareness that his stability is the universal stability that lays the foundation for all beings. Wisdom and clarity, not impulsiveness or persuasion, fuel his path.

The Divine Masculine does not confuse Protector with Dictator, Warrior with Combatant. A true and open Lover with the ability to see that all is connected, the Divine Masculine rules as a champion and protector for all that is sacred and beautiful in this world. When in the presence of true Divine Masculine energy, you feel calm and secure—because you know you are protected and supported by an intelligent, awakened, and aware force—a stable springboard for all of humanity. 

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