August Love Note—Six of Earth: Shifting into Conscious Change


Welcome to August, which carries the energy of the Six of Earth, springing forward from last month’s tarot card (Six of Fire). Ideally, you feel an energetic lift and clarity from your chakra work and have taken time to visualize your way through resistance. With August continuing to carry the Six vibration, it’s still all about healing and momentum. Yet, in the Earth element, its energy moves to security, stability, health, safety, money, resources, re-balancing, and healing. You may find yourself having a deep desire for change, a willingness to do so, and feel exactly where you should start making these changes. You’re ready to make it happen.

While you’re in this space, it’s important to be mindful of the human tendency to want immediate change, for this road often results in self-sabotage. (And if you stop to think about it, abrupt, reactive change often occurs in times of distress, or as the result of something unpleasant or unexpected…this is exactly what we don’t want.) Instead, focus on the big-picture goals and consider what tiny pivots you can make each day to work toward them. 

Small adjustments in daily habits are the key to success and balance, which sets you up for success. Bring mindfulness into your every day by pausing when necessary to reconsider your choices. This builds momentum and confidence in your ability to successfully navigate new situations. With each positive-forward-moving decision you make, no matter how big or small, it sinks deeply into your body: You are worth it. You got this. This is the highest form of self-care and self-love. It’s self-compassion in action. 

Two Super Full Moons this month cradle your efforts and support the release you need to create space for what you seek. Allow these Moons to mark time throughout August, releasing first what needs to go habitually, energetically, and emotionally, and then releasing even more as you work through the evolution of you. Allow them to light your path to better see your next steps. To fully immerse in the energy of the full moon, check out my Full Moon Ritual

Additionally, the Moon’s Nodes have shifted, a cosmic occurrence that happens once every 18 months. Currently, the North Node is in Aries, and the South Node is in Libra. What does this mean, and how can you leverage it? The North Node in Aries is bringing challenges to the surface, yet energetically provides the encouragement and courage necessary to seek improvement. The South Node in Libra is karmic, centering on relationships of all kinds, prompting you to re-evaluate and seek balance, harmony, and peaceful coexistence. My recent podcast episode, Insiders Guide to the Other Side: Nodes Mooning, is here to provide more in-depth information on this cosmic dance. 

All day long, your body is taking in information—the choices you make either signal that you are worth it or not. Anytime you continue to do things that work against your core values, goals, true desires, or natural state of being, it’s energetically depleting. And, of course, every promise you make to yourself that you keep, every slight shift you make toward a life you want, reminds you of your birthright and Divine grace: You are worth it. You are loved. You are a manifester, a creator, the author of your story: loved, supported, guided, and accepted as you are, and as you wish to be. 

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