Bathing with the Moon’s Beauty


There is such energetic intensity around the Full Moon. Think about it… our bodies are approximately 60% water—the amount fluctuates as we grow and change… Given that the moon is our closet cosmic neighbor, and its gravitational pull governs the tides, it’s only natural that our human bodies feel the pulse and swelling of this glorious lunar pull. What moves the oceans, also moves you. 

During this time it’s easy to be carried away by the current of Collective Emotion, for we are all affected by the Full Moon on a cellular level. You can feel this energy all around, washing all over you and through you. This is why Full Moon Rituals are so helpful. They quiet the chaos and calm the currents around you. They center, nurture, and create a sacred space essential for navigating this powerfully energetic time. Sacred spaces help you connect and tune-in to your own power. Full Moon Rituals help guide and honor your connection to the Moon and strengthen your connection within. (Click here for a moon phase calendar.)

The energy of the Full Moon is legendary. Knowing that we are continuously manifesting in our daily lives, naturally, this ability is at its peak during a Full Moon. And just as the Moon is full to capacity, so are we… so it’s an ideal time to release, discern, and to allow all that no longer serves us to flow freely away with the tides. In honor of the Moon, and with Love and Light I offer this Full Moon Ritual to you…

Simple Ritual to Release & Manifest During the Full New Moon

Before you begin diving into this recipe, know that this experience is highly customizable. Each soul will have slightly different needs, and each person will have slightly different items on hand. So, do not get caught up in perfecting the process or details. There is no wrong way to do this, and modifying it will not make it any less effective. The foundation of this ritual is your intent.

Gather and Place Items Representing the Four Elements & Directions

Earth & North, Crystals: If you don’t have crystals on hand, you can use any plant or flower. Anything from the Earth will do. 

Water & South: For this Ritual, I personally prefer to create my sacred space in the bath, and allow my bathwater to represent the Water element. You can use water in a bowl, or container.

Fire & West, Candles: Personally I like to use dark candles, preferably black, for black absorbs and releases energy. You need a single, dark candle; it will be placed in the center. You can choose candles of any color that speaks to you. It may be helpful to use the colors associated with the Chakras as your guide. The number of candles can be linked to how much you want to release or you can even use one to represent each of the four directions. Separately, you will need a white candle: used at the end of this ritual. 

Air & East, A Feather: This is your ritual; feel free to use a feather wand, bells or chimes. If you have chosen to use candles for the four directions, start lighting your candles from this direction and move clockwise till you have the four directions ignited. 

You will also need:

  1. A chalice containing the beverage of your choosing, symbolizing a vessel to hold your dreams
  2. Your favorite essential oils
  3. Some form of simple nourishment—this represents your dedication to nourishing your intentions.
  4. Salt
  5. Writing materials

Set Up Your Sacred Space

Enter into your chosen sacred space and place your four elements as close to the four directions as possible. 

Place your dark (or colored) candle, symbolizing your highest intention, in the middle. This center candle is where you will focus the energy of your prayers and meditations.

In a clockwise fashion, light any additional candles starting in the East and moving clockwise towards the South, West, then North. *Do not light your white candle, for it will be needed later. 

Encircle your sacred space with a ring of salt. Here, you can even use a chunk of salt, if granulated salt isn’t your thing. Should you choose a salt chunk, or salt lamp, place that item where you ENTER your circle. Take your left index finger and trace in a clockwise motion the outline of a sacred circle to enclose your ritual. 

Place your journal inside the circle near you. I also place my Tarot deck within the circle.

If you’ve chosen to include the bath ritual, place drops of your favorite essential oils into the bathwater. If you have not, simply place a drop of your essential oil on your third eye. 


Now it is time for your Invocation. This is when you invite your highest connection to the Divine to be present in your space. I like to work with and feel connected to Angels, and use the following Invocation as I call them in to assist me: “I ask for the highest good to be present with me, to guide me, to help me clarify my path forward with the deepest intention of my heart. Guide and infuse your wisdom upon me, to create space for the grace and my experience on the planet. May my journey be a healing force for all sentient beings…” I also love to work with St. Germain’s Violet Flame, so that too can be an Invocation you send out during this time of transmutation. Because, what could be more transmutive than a Full Moon? 

Then I will invite in and acknowledge the energy of the 4 elements present: “Thank to the element Water, that moves thru me and my emotions that guide me thru my days and my years. Thank you to the Air, that keeps my thoughts and words clear and insightful. Thank you to the Earth, that holds me and bestows me with steadiness. And thank you to the Fire that ignites my spirit, my creativity and my passions.” 

During your Invocation, there are no rules, no wrong ways to connect with your Divine. Whatever words feel right for you are perfect—just speak from your heart! As you sit and submerge in your meditation, allow whatever visions and messages you receive to flow in, around and through you. Listen as your Intuition speaks. Ask for what you need, and release that what no longer serves you. 

After meditation, you may want to write down what insights you gained, inspirations ignited and what you’re releasing. Also take time to thank the universe for the messages you received, the lessons you’ve learned, and the gratitude you have for both. Like the energy of the Full Moon, this ritual helps you connect to and access your intuitive gifts. It feels so good to claim your inner domain, honor your power, feel it’s guidance, and celebrate it’s empowering impact.

When you feel your time in meditation and Full Moon Ritual ceremony is complete, extinguish your candles in a counterclockwise fashion. It is THEN that you light your white candle to honor The Divine and the highest purest energy that it so lovingly offers. Take a sip from your chalice and a bite of the nourishment you’ve chosen. With one hand reaching for the stars and one hand reaching toward the earth, give gratitude and love as you complete your Full Moon Ritual. May your steps forward be inspired by the clarity of the light of the Full Moon’s in the dark sky and guided by the illumination of your own inner light. 

This full moon ritual comes from Athena’s Magical Secrets, my 8-month program designed to ignite your true heart fire and strategically activate your soul’s path.

The Athena Journey will amplify your ability to ignite your life and your impact in the world. This activation brings your heart-fire passion from idea to manifestation. To learn more about Athena’s Magical Secrets and access deeper rituals for your life, click here.

Love and Light,


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