Change & Transition

Change and Transition 1

Change is messy. Or so we’re taught to believe. We’re also taught to believe change is painful and scary. And most of us can accept change is, at its core, inevitable. This can put a lot of fearful energy behind thoughts of change.

But transition doesn’t have to be this way. What if we also honored the fact that change is natural? This natural process of change is shown through nature via seasons, through life via birth, growth and aging… Every second, everything around you is changing: blooms emerge, winds shift, water flows, snow falls then melts, and thoughts come and go. The question is: If change is inevitable, what do you need to shed in order to grow? What can you do to make the process more graceful, more flowing, and not so ‘messy’? How can you participate with intention, accept the flow, and honor it?

Embarking on the journey of deep and personal intentional change is like turning a dial slowly—it’s not a switch. Stop for a moment and recall your favorite book or movie. Odds are the characters developed slowly over time, leaving you wondering what was coming next, how the story would play out, the story kept you fully engaged and curious. These characters have flaws, challenges, hopes, dreams, and unique gifts – all the ingredients that make us human and our journey whole. That’s why you loved that story. It felt real. Now, consider this: Your life is like a book or movie. In this beautiful, complex novel of life, you are the author of the book of You. You’re the director of your story. You hold the pen and create the scenes. Look with excitement at all the wondrous possibilities. Ask yourself, Where are the winds of change taking me? In which direction are my thoughts (the intuitive ones, the whispers of your soul flow) urging me to change and grow?

During times of change it is imperative we spend time alone—in meditation, yoga, nature, reading, daydreaming—even quietly cleaning space in your home gives your soul a rest from chaos and your third eye a chance to see clearly. Learn to look at alone time as an opportunity to reset and refresh so you’re better able to tackle the perpetually shifting winds strong and stable.

Keep in mind there can be two words for time alone: loneliness, and solitude. How you approach and the language you use to define time with yourself matters. Loneliness implies you’re on this journey alone (which -believe me, you most definitely are not) and solitude implies peace. Reach for the peace. Know that you are supported by an ever-loving and giving Divine energy, and let that knowing define this quality time with Peace.

When Autumn leaves or Spring blossoms flutter to the ground it’s a beautiful process—their colors rich, their sound soft and clear. They drop one by one in order to begin anew. When water flows its sound is either gentle (a stream) or strong (the ocean), yet both sounds are peaceful. Truth is, all of nature is a gentle reminder change is necessary, natural, and good.

So whether it’s a career change, habits that need to be broken or began, a relationship begging for a shift of energy, the sooner you begin to turn that dial, shed those leaves, let the blossoms fall, or ripple that water… the sooner you’ll begin to feel clarity and strength again. Remember to stop when necessary to regroup and breathe; to make space for the grace of solitude and the gifts of peace and serenity solitude provides. Know yourself as the lead in your own novel or film. Write the script. Visualize the ending, and turn the dial a little bit each day toward that perfect-just-for-you new beginning.

Let’s welcome the Spring together, and connect to the natural changes that occur during a Soul Evolution. Amplify Your Soul’s Evolution.

Love and Light,


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