Living In Harmony With Astrology – Harnessing the Aries Spirit


Aries energy is insatiable, unstoppable, courageous, full of life and contagious. It’s a spark that lights up and breaks through anything in its way. When thinking about accessing Aries energy, imagine you’re unpacking a box of fireworks… next to a campfire.

During this Aries moon, you can download and access this energy to bring in more courage and passion that says “I’m breaking through!” So if you are someone who is often compliant and frequently find yourself putting your needs and dreams aside, take in this Aries energy and let it inspire you to ignite your dreams and fight off any negativity that holds you back. Life is not meant to feel like it’s moving through honey. Let Aries break your stagnation. Be the definition of courage, which is living life with full whole-heartedness. And keep in mind, a balanced Aries energy moves forward with zeal and determination without forsaking compassion, kindness, and respect for others. Finding this balance is often the Aries Achilles heel.

Being the first sign of the zodiac (of course, for Aries energy leads, never follows…) proof of this unstoppable energy is everywhere—for it is springtime and all around us life is literally bursting through the ground. The Earth and all her beauty is saying: Pay Attention, New Life, It’s Happening, Let’s Do This!

Aries energy has its own motion, inspiration, and undulation. Aries delight in breaking things for the sheer joy of it. And this is no problem because Aries also knows how to fix everything. Masters of their craft, leaders, and teachers, Aries energy changes the pulse of the environment it inhabits. Aries will never fit into any predetermined mold or conform to a “societal norm.” They make their own rules, and they break all the rest. Aries energy thrives “outside-the-box.” Always.

Reinvention, Re-Creation, and Reincarnation—this is the Aries mojo: their juice, their vibe, their mission, their charm. Everything ignites through this sign with inspiration and an energetic WOW. Action-oriented, quick to passion, quick to anger, Aries energy is fast-moving and full of intense fire—a fire that burns a new path, leading with absolute resolution and conviction, even if it’s a solo expedition. They are pioneers who never give up. People born in Aries push against what is, always find a new way, and often fight for a cause they believe in.

And if you don’t agree with them? Well, that’s ok. Because for an Aries, that actually confirms they are indeed on the right path.

Aries energy is extremely physical. An Aries has to move. Remember this when you’re igniting something new in your life. Get active: go for a walk or run outside, take in a yoga class designed to balance that inner fire. Time in nature is particularly necessary for Aries because they need to feel space. (Remember, no boxes here… ever.) And that physical movement and space is also essential to feeding and fueling new ideas and ventures—something Aries is limitlessly gifted in.

This is the energy of Aries. Allow it to initiate your own inner fire during this Aries moon. Hold it in your heart, and ask yourself: What would I do if I were unafraid? And then, go do it!

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