September Love Note—Knight of Fire: Progress on Your Personal Quest!


Welcome to September, a month that, for many, symbolizes a fresh start. Children are returning to school (can’t you still smell the fresh school supplies?). Hopefully, your summer’s heat is waning as mine is, as the third quarter of the year wraps up. What will you do this month to integrate all that you’ve learned so far this year to set yourself up for ultimate vitality once 2024 begins? 

This is exactly how the Knight of Fire is ready to support you. As our tarot card of the month, the Knight of Fire kindles your inner fire to set the stage for future movement and progress. Are you feeling this momentum build? 

Our New Moon in Virgo on September 12th enhances this energy; only the focus shifts towards embodiment. How are you preparing, clearing, cleaning, and organizing for your future launch? 

Back in July, we discussed the concept of healing momentum—working through your comfort zones to get moving in the direction of growth. In August, we explored how to shift into conscious change. Now, we are here to move ignited by the inspiration of the Knight of Fire, and grounded in the Virgo New Moon forward on your path—prepared, passionate, and guided.

It’s as if you are lit from within. This does not mean the road will be free from challenges or redirection. But you are now fully empowered to see your goal through. As long as you are mindful and keep your balance, you will get to the place you envision. Keep checking in with your chakras, and your Guides, and utilizing your spiritual tools. Keep your structure and create space to breathe and refuel

Knights in Tarot are explorers of the world, builders of new concepts, ushering in ideas and inspiration—inventing and conceiving things we didn’t even know we desired until they were birthed by this energy. Think Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, or Taylor Swift, creator extraordinaire who has inspired an entire generation to sing and speak from their heart space freely. All full of Knight of Fire energy. This is all passion, super-charged by the Fire element: fearless, creative, ready to transform the world. 

Are you ready for your next faaabulous version? If yes, then you are perfectly aligned with this month’s vibe. 

I will be traveling this month, which of course, also aligns with the Knight of Fire’s energy. To those of you who are signed up for my upcoming workshops at Esalen (Tarot and Kolbe), I am looking forward to connecting and expanding our potential together. Upon my return, I will be leading my online Spirit Guides workshop. There’s still room to join me at all of these workshops! So, if you’ve felt the call, now is the time….and what divine timing it is indeed. 

Here are the links for you to learn more: 

Esalen, Big Sur, California

Online / Global (Virtual Courses)

And, of course, my meditation courses are always here to assist you: Meditate With Brenda Rose.

Love and Light,


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