October Love Note: The Tower card Inspired this Love Note from My Heart Into Your Hands


Change is constantly all around each and every one of us, and October has a way of making that fact feel real. It’s a month full of double emotions. On one hand, the crisp air and changing colors feel invigorating, crisp, and new. On the flip side, each breeze, falling leaf, and lengthening darkness remind you that the end of another year is near, and sadness can slip in as you ponder what the next season of your life will bring. 

So it is no small wonder that this month’s Tarot pull is the Tower card. The Tower card arrives at a time of change and movement, both sought after and put upon you. It asks you to be conscious of all old patterns in order to shift them and not create the same situation over and over again. It’s the cycle-breaker, the red flag, and yet, in many ways, it can also be the Muse. It implores you to stay awake, conscious of what must fade or fall so that new growth can take shape. It’s intense, overwhelming—terrifying at times, freeing at others, and full of potential. 

While the Tower can symbolize the end of so much, it’s also a reminder that you are the architect of your mindset and contractor of your reality. Divine planning and karmic contracts set the tone from the Other Side, but your hands, heart, and spirit carry out the calling. 

We’ve all had these moments—the phone call, the information, the sudden loss, the unexpected conversations—that change life’s direction as planned. There becomes the “before” and the “after.” This is the Tower card moment. Our world gets rocked at its foundation. 

So, what can you do when the earthquake hits? Big or small, these are moments of significance, and your power move is to recognize and accept the shift as it flows. To resist a Tower moment only creates further dis-ease, the very opposite of the energy you need to rebuild. To level up and rebuild, you must ground down and tap into your spiritual toolbox. When you use this time to dive deeply into your faith, you rise up stronger and more stable than ever before. And in return, you inspire others to do the same. This is how you build a vibe tribe of great love. This is how you invite the power of spirit to support you. This is how you make it through. 

And now I am asking you to join my tribe of love deeper than ever before. Please join forces with your Spiritual community to come together and support one of my dearest friends during her Tower season. Many of you may be fortunate enough to know (and love) Cristi Christensen. She has undoubtedly impacted your life, as her teachings have inspired, lifted, and guided me; I have been honored to share them with you through workshops, healing sessions, consultations, and conversations. 

Cristi’s Tower journey is a reminder that every life you touch, every moment of generosity, love, and kindness, vibrates and transcends. Like the drop in the ocean that contributes to the tidal waves, we are all in this thing called life together. And we lift each other in times of need in order to keep the momentum of love and healing flowing. 

This is the most powerful act of love a human can commit. It is everything you’ve been taught in meditation and contemplation. It’s why you seek the knowledge, walk the walk, and believe—for you know to give is to receive. 

Here are the ways you can support my beloved and beautiful friend: 

GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/f/cristi-christensen

On-Demand Yoga: https://www.cristichristensen.com/on-demand-yoga

Her book, Chakra Rituals, which is life-changing, should be required reading as an Earth School Guide: https://www.chakraritualsbook.com/

Follow Cristi on Instagram to stay informed on her journey: https://www.instagram.com/cristi_christensen/

And above all, send Love and Healing her way. Hold space for her recovery just as the Heavens hold space for you. Remember that Divine Love has no boundaries. 

As you navigate your path, take time for You. Sit in the stillness so you can hear your Guides clearly. Follow that instinct and believe in the goodness of Divine Planning. So that when the Tower comes falling, you are ready and willing to go deep, open to receive the powerful revival it yearns to bring. 

With Great Love and Heartfelt Gratitude.

Love and Light,


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